Yeh Rishta Naksh breaks the suspense about Rishabh

Yeh Rishta Naksh breaks the suspense about Rishabh

Yeh Rishta Naksh breaks the suspense. Kartik makes a lovely greeting for Naira to wish her on their anniversary. He gets tips from his little brothers. He gets happy and pens down his feelings. He is happy that she came into her life. He writes to Naira that they got another chance to fall in love. He knows she will know him and his love even when he doesn’t come in front of her. Rishabh spends time with Naksh and Naira. Naksh tells the family that Naira won’t be remembering Rishabh. He feels sorry. Everyone wants to know who is she. Rishabh tells Naira that she is normal to forget things. Naksh breaks the suspense about Rishabh and reveals that Rishabh is Naira’s best friend from Cape Town. Rishabh shows their childhood pictures to them.

He wants Naira to identify them. He tells them that he has Akshara’s gifted guitar. Naksh tells about Rishabh and Naira’s strong friendship. Naira learns more about Rishabh. She apologizes that she doesn’t remember anything of her past. Rishabh tells them that he has come to the city for some work. Singhanias want him to stay with them. Naksh asks Rishabh to stay with Naira and revive the old days.

He feels Rishabh can really keep Naira happy. He tells them that Rishabh will bring happiness for her life. He finds a solution in Rishabh’s presence. Naira wishes to spend the day with Sid. Kartik wishes her on their anniversary and recalls their lovely memories. Naira regains her memory for a short period of time. She realizes that she is married to Kartik. Remembering her anniversary, she dances happily, which worries Naksh. Naksh doesn’t want Naira to remember Kartik.

Everyone wishes Naira to regain her memory completely. Kirti gets happy that Naira is trying to recollect her past. Naira gets restless when she forgets Kartik again. Naksh asks her not to take stress and forget it. He tells her that even he dances when he is very happy. She stays positive. Rishabh brings a smile on their faces again. Naira tells Naksh that her choices have changed now.

The family wonders how she remembers Kartik’s choice. Naksh tells them that he doesn’t want Naira to remember anything. Naira thinks what was the special thing on this very date. She doesn’t get sad. Manish and Dadi feel unhappy seeing Kartik’s happiness, watching him celebrating alone. They don’t want Kartik to meet Naira at her house. They fear Naksh’s reaction. Naira lands at the dance class to meet Sid. She gets happy on seeing him. He relieves her tensions.

They learn about a woman’s need for money and help her with the child’s education. Kartik feels sorrowful that he lost his daughter. They do a noble deed and brings happiness in a baby’s life. The lady gets grateful to them and gives them blessings. Naksh clears to Goenkas that he doesn’t want Kartik and Naira to meet ever. Kartik and Naira celebrate their anniversary unknowingly. Naksh plans to oust Kartik from their lives forever, but fate plans otherwise.


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