Cumin benefits for overall body health

Cumin benefits for overall body health

One can find cumin seed in every kitchen as it is the essential spice used in curries and chutneys. Apart from cooking, we can get benefited with its medicinal properties to improve digestion, strong hair and glowing skin. It is also a good source of iron, magnesium and vitamins. Below are some cumin benefits for our health and beauty.
1: Improve digestion: The oil in cumin seeds stimulates the glands and helps indigestion. People with acidity and indigestion can drink jeera tea twice a day. Boil 1 tbsp of cumin seeds in 2 cups of water and reduced to half. Strain the tea and drink twice a day.
2: Beat constipation: Cumin seeds contain high fiber that promotes gastrointestinal and enzyme secretion. Constipation and piles can be treated by the regular use of jeera. Roast 2 tbsp of cumin seeds till light brown and grind to a fine powder. In a glass of warm water, mix the powder with honey and drink on an empty stomach.

3. Relieve asthma and cold: Cumin seeds help to ease inflamed muscles and boost immunity to fight infections. Boil a glass of water and add 1 tbsp of cumin seeds, carom seeds and few pieces of ginger. Allow it to boil for another 5 minutes. Drink this for at least twice a day for a week.

4. Treat insomnia: Cumin seeds help you to get a proper sleep. If you are not able to get adequate sleep, the compound called melaton in cumin relax the mind and induce a sound sleep. Make a paste by adding 1 tsp of cumin powder to 1 tbsp of mashed potatoes. Consume this paste at night before sleeping to have a good sleep.

5: Make skin flawless: You can skip your visit to beauty salons and save your hard earned money with the use of cumin seeds. You can make a face pack with honey and cumin powder for glowing and flawless skin. Make a face mask by mixing ½ tsp of turmeric powder, ½ tsp of cumin powder and 1 tbsp of honey. Apply the mask on the face and let it dry for 10 minutes. Wash your face with warm water. Apply this pack twice a week.
6: For long and shiny hair: Cumin seeds can give you a long and healthy hair. In a bowl, take 150 ml of water, 1 tbsp cumin powder and 1 egg yolk and make a smooth paste. Apply on hair and let it dry. Rinse with cold water.


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