Healthy diet for a healthy energetic brain

Healthy diet for a healthy energetic brain

Exam season is always hectic for everyone, be the students, parents or teachers. While preparing for the exams, it is important to take a healthy diet. These days most of the teenagers like junk or processed food that may lead to lack of concentration in studies. During the exam time, we sideline the good nutrition and get into the habit of drinking coffee and eating pizza, as one thinks spending time on food preparation is completely waste and unnecessary.

It is very stressed out for a mother to take care of child’s health and eating patterns during exams. Healthy diet keeps you fresh and helps your brain to function well, enhances the mood. Keep away from tensions, anxieties and calm always. You have to eat lot of vegetables, include some good amount of proteins, chocolate to refresh your mood.

1. Eat Small meals frequently: Eating at short intervals will provide instant energy to your exhaust body and brain. Large meals can make your child sleepy and distract the mind from studies. Protein rich foods will keep you energized. Boiled corns or pop corn, vegetable salads, drink water to maintain hydration.

2. Have a healthy breakfast: Eating the right food is a must. Take whole some food like multi grain bread or sandwich with vegetables and curds. Fruits should be added in your breakfast. Pepsi, colas should be replaced with coconut water, lime water and juices.

3. Take snacks time: Sprouts chat, yogurt with a bowl of fruit salad, fruit-yogurt smoothie, vegetable and cheese sandwich, nuts makes a perfect snack during the exam time.
4. Drink plenty of water: Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water, coconut milk, and butter milk. These drinks not only give energy to the body, but also provide nutrients and a sense of calm. You can carry a bottle of water in the exam hall and take small sips, to sustain energy levels.
5. Stop overeating: Eat in a moderate manner. You don’t have to overeat as it will slow down your physical and emotional energy. You can simply have salads, boiled egg with toast or cheese, fruits.
6. Dry fruit milk shake: You can eat a fistful of dry fruits. You can drink milk along with dry fruits or make a milk shake by grinding dry fruits in a glass of milk.


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