Search for Kulfi Kumar; Sikandar follows his heart

Search for Kulfi Kumar; Sikandar follows his heart

Search for Kulfi Kumar. Fate cheats once again. Sikandar tracks the location of Kulfi by following the clues left by the driver unknowingly. He reaches the remand home to get his daughter. He has much pain in heart knowing his daughter was living in remand home on the name of boarding school. Amma stops Sikandar from meeting Kulfi. She asks Rajan to hide Kulfi as quickly as possible. Sikandar takes the police with him to seek help. He asks inspector to find his daughter. Inspector asks Sikandar to go ahead and check well, they can’t help if Kulfi isn’t here. Sikandar is missing Kulfi a lot. He has reached the place and gets feeling that Kulfi is present here. He cries in Kulfi’s memory.

He wants Kulfi to come in front of him. He shouts to Kulfi. He sees the kids present there and asks them if they know about Kulfi. Amma doesn’t let the kids speak anything about Kulfi. He fails to get any clue about Kulfi. He is following his heart clues to reach Kulfi.

He sings a song for Kulfi, hoping he connects with his daughter once again. He knows Kulfi didn’t leave him by her wish, but was compelled by Lovely. He doesn’t lose and tells Amma that he won’t leave until his heart asks him to. He wants the father in him to win some how. He cries for Kulfi, who has gone missing. Lovely had informed Amma about Sikandar’s visit to the remand home, and made sure that Sikandar doesn’t unite with Kulfi ever. Lovely plays evil as per her evil nature. Poor Kulfi loses the support of her mother Nimrat as well. Sikandar is determined to find Kulfi and will find her at any cost by getting more clues about her presence. He will free Kulfi from Amma’s clutches. Keep reading.


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