Remove fish bones stuck in throat with these remedies

Remove fish bones stuck in throat with these remedies

Remove fish bones stuck in throat with ease. Fish is one of the healthiest foods as it is loaded with important nutrients such as protein, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids which are crucial for brain as well as overall health of the body. However improper consumption of fish meat may lead to bone/thorn stuck in the throat or even piercing that needs to be dealt immediately with a timely action. Since the bone is fairly thin, it will not pass along the throat easily and can cause irritation and swelling to the affected area that leads to breathlessness.

In this article, we are sharing the steps of removing the fish bone when stuck in the throat, to reduce the pain and get the breathing back to normal. You should try these remedies as soon as the bone gets stuck and if none of these treatments works consult a doctor.
1. Coughing: The very first thing you can try is coughing, if the thorn is not entirely pierced on your throat. Sometimes, a heavy coughing can dislodge the stuck bone.

2. Banana: Keep a big piece of banana in your mouth for a minute or two in order to absorb the saliva of the mouth. Then swallow it without chewing and drink plenty of water until the bone removes from mouth.
3. Salty water: Drinking a glass of salty water helps in dislodging the fish bone and carrying to the stomach.
4. Olive oil: Boil the olives in water and drink the juice while it is warm. You can also sip warm olive oil as it can soothe the throat cuts caused by the fish bone.

5. Wet bread: You can easily remove the bone by swallowing wet bread. All you have to do is dip the bread in milk or water and keep it on the affected area for a minute and swallow it.
6. Vinegar: Mix 2 drops of vinegar in 2 tsp of water and drink this mixture for softening the fish bone and dislodges the bone from the throat easily.
7. Get medical attention: If you can’t get rid of the fish bone, visit a doctor. Leaving the bone in your throat could cause severe infection. If you experience a sore throat or other symptoms several days after dislodging a bone, seek a medical help.


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