Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Upcoming Battle of IshRa versus Yug

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Torturing twists for IshRa

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Upcoming Battle: Ishita seeks police’s help in finding the culprit, who plotted Karan’s accident. Inspector tells her that he can proceed in the findings if they name any person suspicious. Ishita wants to name Yug, but Raman doesn’t let her admit this. Yug gets grateful to Raman. Raman tells Ishita that Yug can’t harm him, since he is living as their son. Ishita doesn’t trust Yug, an imposter. Raman tells her that they can’t punish any innocent person. Raman asks her not to get after Yug all the time. She doesn’t want Yug to play with Aaliya’s feelings. He asks her to give some time to Aaliya. Elsewhere, Rohan is glad that Raman is safe. He tells Karan that Raman is fine and police will soon find the culprit. He asks Karan about his sudden interest in Bhallas.

Karan tells Rohan that he is worried for Raman. Rohan suspects him in Raman’s accident case. Sudha clears his doubts by mentioning the help Karan has offered to Bhallas. She wants Rohan to focus on their business. She asks Rohan to stay away from Aaliya and look after his own family. She also warns Karan against doing more mistakes. Yug and Aaliya witness Raman and Ishita’s lovey dovey moment.

Yug tells Aaliya that he wants similar love in their lives. Raman and Ishita sense them at the door and call them in. Aaliya isn’t able to think of anything. Ishita doesn’t want Yug to take advantage of their goodness. She seeks help from Yug’s friends again. She doesn’t reach any clue. She calls Yug and asks him to spend time with his friends in Aaliya’s absence. She doesn’t want Yug to deny the truth further and just leave from the house. Yug’s friends also ask him to call off the drama and come with them to resume his old life. Yug continues the same drama again.

Ishita tells him that he can’t lie to them forever. Yug admits that he is Adi. He tells Ishita that he isn’t hurting Aaliya and is keeping her happy. Ishita asks him to stop himself from hurting Aaliya if he loves her truly. Yug messages Aaliya and calls her home. Ishita insults Yug. Aaliya witnesses this and argues with Ishita for threatening Yug. Ishita stops herself from slapping Aaliya.

Raman explains Aaliya that they aren’t wrong, Yug can’t be Aaliya. Aaliya tells them that they should be happy in her happiness. She tells them that she doesn’t care if Yug isn’t Adi, since she has accepted him as Adi for once and all. She decides to leave the house, which becomes a shocker for Bhallas. Rohan stays lost in Aaliya’s memories. Sudha sympathizes with him and asks him to move on in his life at least for her sake.

Rohan can’t forget Aaliya. Aaliya wants to move out. Yug stops her from doing this, knowing family means everything to her. He acts good-hearted again to impress Aaliya. Yug plans to marry Aaliya, so that none can remove him from her life. Ishita and Raman gear up to protect Aaliya from imposter Yug. They hatch a new plan to expose his truth, while he plans to propose Aaliya for marriage.


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