Kasautii Zindagii Kay Mohini hatches a big plan

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Mohini hatches a big plan

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Mohini makes it clear that she will never accept Prerna. Prerna tells Mohini that she has come well prepared and now she won’t lose to anyone. Anurag doesn’t know how to react on seeing Prerna with him. Prerna gets emotional. She misses the old moments. She recalls the pain Anurag has given her and wants to give it back to her. Komolika tells them that she can’t tolerate all this. Anurag tries to convince her that he is with her. He accepts that he did a mistake to marry Prerna.

Mohini promises to find a solution soon. Prerna sheds her helpless girl attitude and shocks everyone by her rudeness. She turns bitter by Anurag’s cheat. She feels Anurag will never understand her. Anurag is ready to die for her love. She feels upset that he has ruined their love and fate. Veena returns home and reveals Prerna’s decision to the family. Her children feel proud of Prerna and Veena’s decision. They are happy that Veena has encouraged Prerna. Prerna tries to insult Komolika. They have a cat fight. Prerna enjoys taunting her like never before. Anupam wants to know what’s bothering Anurag so much. He asks Anurag why is he hurting Prerna again.

Anurag speaks up and tells him how helpless he is. He tells how Komolika is leading and blackmailing him, since their property is mortgaged to her. He reveals to Anurag about the contract he has signed to complete the deal with Komolika. He has done everything for Prerna’s house and safety. He gets bounded by the contract clauses. He feels sorry that he had to lose to Komolika. He reveals how dangerous Komolika can get to harm anyone. Anurag tells his plan that he will get close to Komolika and then she will begin to hate this love and break the marriage on her own. He wants to attempt this for the sake of Prerna. Mohini asks Komolika to take Anurag on a honeymoon. Komolika and Anurag readily agree for the honeymoon trip. This comes as a big shocker for Prerna.


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