Kulfi Kumar Ultimate Shocker for Sikandar Amyra to die

Kulfi Kumar Amyra kidnapping twist leaves Sikandar tense

Kulfi Kumar Ultimate Shocker for Sikandar. Kulfi gets into a big dilemma when Amma asks her to get away from the remand home and meet her family. Kulfi feels unhappy. She wants to go to her family where she is addressed by her name. She is confused. She wants the kids to meet their parents. She doesn’t want to break their trust and delay her meet with Sikandar. She wants the kids to meet their parents and live a single moment of joy they get in the remand home. She gets an idea when she finds the dog playing. She wants to be a free bird like always. The dog doesn’t want her to go.

Sikandar asks Lovely to reveal to him about Kulfi, if she wants to meet Amyra. He asks her to earn the chance to meet Amyra by telling him about Kulfi’s location. He wants to know where is his daughter. Lovely is ready to tell him the address and asks him to let her see her daughter once. He tells her that Amyra will not want her. He doesn’t want to believe her again. He isn’t her puppet anymore. He asks her not to keep conditions being at a weak position. Lovely gets punished when he confines her.

Kulfi loves Sikandar a lot. She gets selfless and stops back for the sake of the kids. She smiles seeing Sikandar’s picture on the hoarding and gets more inspired to help the kids. She wants to be helpful always. Sikandar shows Amyra’s suffering photos to Lovely and asks her to accept that she is the worst mother. He makes Lovely repent for her mistakes. Amma tells the kids that Kulfi has gone to her house by forgetting their friendship. She instigates the kids against Kulfi. She proves that everyone is selfish.

Kulfi proves her wrong by coming back and tells them that she can never break their trust. She proves true friendship and passes Amma’s second test as well. Amma can’t believe that Kulfi rejected her freedom for the sake of the kids. Sikandar and Kulfi reminisce their old time and miss each other. Kulfi wants to save the kids from Amma. She follows Sikandar’s teachings. The kids love her for her selflessness. She sacrifices her freedom. Kulfi changes everyone’s perception towards her. Lovely finally gets some time to meet Amyra. Sikandar pulls her away and separates them.

Lovely doesn’t want to be away from Amyra. Sikandar demands her to reveal Kulfi’s address to her. Amma feels angered on Kulfi and lies to her that this was just her test. She declares that she will organize the Parents Day. This brings a wave of happiness for the kids. Sikandar feels distressed when he fails to get Kulfi’s address. Lovely gets mad and stubborn. Sikandar doesn’t want to hurt Lovely, but just protect Amyra and Kulfi from her evil nature. He hates Lovely for her sins. He can’t see Amyra in sick state. He wants to find Kulfi as well. He feels disgusted because of Lovely’s crimes. He thinks where is Kulfi and how much she would be suffering without them. Kulfi hears his audio to get some relief.

Amyra begins to lose her breath, panicking Sikandar. Sikandar gets the worst news that doctors can’t save Amyra’s life. Sikandar doesn’t want to lose as a father. He wants to hide the truth from Amyra, but she overhears his conversation with the doctor. Amyra realizes how Lovely has wronged her life and future because of her hatred towards Kulfi. Amyra’s critical state breaks down Sikandar within. What will Sikandar do to save his daughters? Keep reading and shoot your comments on this very post about this particular track in the show.


  1. Cleared everything…
    I haven’t seen this show since 4days but now I don’t need to search for previous episodes.
    It was great

  2. No doubt Ur description is quite good felt nice reading it than watching bcoz of exam even if we switch on serial by it sounds children get addicted they loose their time wastinginstead good at a glance will finished felt happy


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