Yeh Rishta Rishabh Major revelation to ruin Kaira bond

Yeh Rishta Rishabh Major revelation to ruin Kaira bond

Yeh Rishta Rishabh Major revelation goes against Kartik. Naira lies to Naksh and the entire family by giving a silly excuse. She tells them that she has gone out to have icecream. Naira fails to recognize Rajshri, which upsets the latter a lot. Naksh introduces Rajshri as their family. Naira tells them that even if she doesn’t remember the relations, they can always respond the same way as they remember her. She encourages them to keep faith. She wants to tell Naksh that she loves Sid. Kartik feels its complicated since Naira loves Sid. He wants to tell Naira hat he is Kartik. He is worried since she may not take her lie well. Naira waits for Sid’s reply. Naira wants Sid to be honest in their friendship.

Meanwhile, Rishabh tells his dad how Kartik has taken up another identity of Sid just to make Naira fall for him, so that he wins it all. His dad suggests him to tell the truth to Naira, before Naksh. Rishabh decides to reveal Kartik’s planning to Naira, so that she can decide if its justified or not. Rajshri feels sorry that Naira doesn’t remember their close bond. Naira spends time with her like before. Rajshri gets some moments of joy in Naira’s company. She wishes Naira gets her memories again.

Rajshri is sure that Naira will strongly feel for Kartik when she meets him. Varsha doesn’t want Naksh to make any mistake by separating two lovers. Rajshri wants to make Naksh understand his mistake and unite Naira with Kartik. Kartik doesn’t think he did wrong to lie to Naira. He wants Naira with him. He stays restless to give her a reply. Kartik heads to her home and meets her the same way. He surprises Naira and tells her that he wasn’t ready to give her the reply before. She gets glad that he took the big risk and came to tell her his feelings. He expresses his love. She can’t believe his positive reply. He tells her that he loves her a lot and that’s why he has come to end her wait.

While the couple dances romantically, Naira realizes that its just her dream. She wishes her beautiful dream turns true. She wants Sid to end her wait and make the reality equally beautiful. Naira couldn’t sleep all night. She stays restless to meet Sid and take his reply. She gets expressing her love for Kartik in sleep. Rajshri and Naksh get to overhear this. Naksh gets upset. Rajshri asks him to forgive Kartik, since Naira has no problem. Rajshri tells him that Naira must be dreaming about Kartik. Naira checks for Sid’s message. Naksh finds her worried. She hurries for the dance class to meet Sid. She fears that Sid is upset with her and maybe he is avoiding her. She doesn’t want to lose Sid.

Mishti and Kuhu arrive at the Singhania house, and fight like always. Mishti doesn’t want to meet Devyaani. She thinks of meeting Naira after a long time. Mishti’s memories with the house get revived. She meets Devyaani and doesn’t seem to be happy. She expresses her bitterness and rushes away. Kartik invites Naira for a date so that he can give her a reply. Kartik finally makes it to Naira and goes to confess love.

Rishabh comes in between as a big hindrance and reveals Kartik’s ugly lie to Naira. Rishabh exposes Kartik’s truth, that he isn’t Sid, but actually Kartik Goenka, who is related to her past and is ashamed to express his real identity because of his huge mistakes. Naira gets a huge shock with Rishabh’s big accusation against her love Kartik. Rishabh breaks Kartik and Naira’s happy moment to instil a crack in their budding relation. What will be Naira’s decision on knowing the truth? Keep reading and shoot your comments on this very post.


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