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Kulfi YRKKH Sitara Aapke Aa Jane: Mishti and Kuhu meet Naira at the Singhania house. Naira is restless to meet Sid. She gives a positive response to her younger sisters. Mishti and Kuhu bring happiness in the family. Mishti begins her new journey. She stays aloof from Devyaani. She connects with Naksh and Naira. Naksh teases Mishti for gaining good height. Kuhu tells him that she is taller than Mishti. Naira tells them that she doesn’t remember them. Kuhu tells her that she is Shaurya and Varsha’s daughter. Mishti reminds Naira how she united her with Kartik, her best friend. Naira asks her what is she saying, who is her best friend. Naira doesn’t understand anything. Mishti tells her that they will talk later. Naira wants to get free and go to Sid. She wants to take a reply from Sid.

Rishabh spies on Naira. He follows her to the date venue and breaks Kartik and Naira’s romance. Mishti will learn that Kartik is Sid, and unite Kartik and Naira once again. Mishti checks Naira’s phone and checks Sid’s profile. She realizes Kartik is Sid and wants to help him. Mishti and Kuhu try to stop Rishabh from becoming a hurdle in Kartik and Naira’s union. Rishabh stops Kartik from lying to Naira.

Kartik asks Rishabh to let him talk to Naira, its their personal matter. They get into a fight. Naira can’t understand what’s happening. Rishabh asks Kartik not to show much rights on Naira. Kartik tells Rishabh that Naira is his wife and none should interfere. Naira gets surprised with this revelation. Rishabh asks Kartik not to cheat Naira and keep the entire truth in front of her, so that she gets liberty to decide for her life. Mishti stops them from fighting and reminds them that Naira is watching them and getting hurt. Kartik meets his BFF Mishti after a long time and gets happy to get her support.

Pyaar Ke Papad:

Omkar and Shivika meet in the Holi event. Omkar surprises her and applies her colors. Shivika doesn’t want Triloki to see him. She asks him to leave before her dad comes. Omkar isn’t scared of her dad. Omkar takes the opportunity to celebrate holi with her. They are in love. He applies colors on his face so that no one identifies him. He tells her that he has come well prepared. Triloki gets into an argument with the kinners. The kinners ask him to behave with love, else they will curse him. Shivika asks the kinners to bless them. The kinners bless her that she gets a loving husband. They ask Triloki to give them shagun. Triloki gets surrounded by the kinners. Omkar steals some moments with Shivika.


Sitara’s haldi rasam begins in full swing. She has saved Viraj from Vishkanyas. They are finding a chance to attack Viraj. Vrinda gets helpless to participate in Sitara’s haldi. She applies the haldi to Sitara. Sitara gets emotional when her mum and aunts apply haldi to her. Sitara wants them to forget their revenge and have harmony in their lives. Sitara has finally won her love Viraj after crossing many difficulties.

Vrinda doesn’t leave her revenge. She gets a glass of juice for Sitara. She feeds it to Sitara. She tells Sitara that her mum in law will be drinking the rest of the milk. She wants Badi Rani to get Sitara’s poison in her. Sitara knows Vrinda’s plan. She stops Badi Rai and throws the glass. She tells Badi Rani that she also wants their relation to get strong. She gets another glass of juice and asks Badi Rani to drink it first. Viraj gets impressed by Sitara. They share a love moment. Vrinda wants to stop the marriage at any cost.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Kalyani gets saved by Malhar. Keshav Mama wanted to kill her. He has enmity with Kalyani. He holds her responsible for Anupriya’s sorrow. Malhar finds Kalyani at mischief when she troubles Atharva. He enjoys the scene and pities Atharva.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil wants to surprise Vedika. He gets surprised seeing Vedika’s mesmerizing look. Sahil and Vedika get romantic and celebrate their anniversary in a stunning way. They perform dance in the party. He proposes her once again and sings a romantic song for her. Everyone applauds them for the wonderful performance. Sahil tells them that he is the luckiest husband of the world, since Vedika has chosen him. He tells everyone that he is a better person only because of Vedika. Ghungroo can’t see Sahil happy and plans to ruin him.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Lovely gets the tag that she is the worst mother of the world. Sikandar asks her how can she commit the sin of poisoning Amyra. He tells everyone that Amyra is fighting for her life just because of Lovely. He learns that Amyra’s internal organs are failing and now even the best medicines can’t save her. Doctor tells Sikandar that he is failing to save Amyra by the best possible treatment, since the drugs have affected Amyra to much extent. Sikandar can’t believe the fact that he will be losing Amyra forever. He wants to punish Lovely. He decides to separate Lovely from Amyra. He doesn’t want Amyra to get punished for Lovely’s sins. He wishes Amyra survives some how and he gets another chance to look after his daughter.


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