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Aapke Aa Jane Se Spoilers Upcoming tracks Sahil and Vedika learn Ghungroo’s true face. Ghungroo is a magician, a hypnotist. Vedika wanted to expose Ghungroo’s truth to Sahil. She gets caught by Ghungroo’s goons. She getd tied up and hanged down. Sahil reaches the godown to save her from the goons. He bashes up the goons to save his lady love. Ghungroo shows his true face to Sahil by removing many masks. Ghungroo had acted like a mad person. Sahil and Vedika wanted to know Ghungroo’s intentions. Ghungroo stops them from ruining his magic show. He asks his men to stop Sahil. Sahil rescues Vedika from Ghungroo and his goons. He promises Vedika that he will expose Ghungroo’s truth in the family and not spare him.

Dhanak teaches some rules to Maai. Maai doesn’t listen to her and throws the water on the black board. Dhanak gives it once again. Maai fails her attempts and tells her that she will never listen to her. She says this is the value of your goodness in today’s times. Maai ruins the writings again. Dhanak tells him that if she pours water again, she will get posters and spread it everywhere. She threatens to reveal their homely fights to everyone.

Maai gets scared and goes. Raghu gets tea for Dhanak. He asks her to study all night, he will sit and keep her awake. She finds him drinking alcohol. She gets upset and thrws the alcohol. He asks her not to get upset. He promises that he will not drink alcohol again. He tells her that he will change and become a better person.


Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer faces a tough time once again. He gets criticized by some group of people. The people protest against his rule in the Shariah board. Kabeer gets hurt by them. Zara rescues her husband and takes him inside safely. Kabeer fails to control the people’s wrath. Khalid has spread the rumors against Kabeer to remove him from Qazi post. Kabeer understands Khalid’s plans. He tells the media that Rizwan will be becoming the Qazi and Khalid will be out of the Shariah board. Kabeer favors Rizwan by believing him. He wants to bring the truth out and prove himself to the police. He keeps his duty and feels Rizwan is better than Khalid. He secures the Shariah board. The people calm down and respect Kabeer’s resignation.

Sitara pleases her in-laws. She cooks delicious food. She is happy with Viraj. He knows her truth that she is a Vishkanya, but he is sure of her intentions that she will always protect his family, and not let any danger reach them. Sitara and Viraj have a moment. She tells him that they both can never unite and she can never give him a child. Viraj is happy that he has married Sitara, and tells her that he doesn’t have any wish to get a child. He relieves Sitara.

Ladies Special:
Meghna tells Jyoti that she needs her as a friend. Jyoti argues with her and asks her if she needs a friend, or a worker. Meghna wants to make Santosh her business partner. Jyoti misunderstands Meghna. Meghna asks her to forgive her and forget the matter. Meghna is happy with Santosh’s work. She tells Jyoti that Santosh is a good financial consultant. Jyoti keeps the condition and asks her to remove Santosh from the company. Meghna tells her that she has to keep Santosh, else he will laugh on her weak team. Jyoti tells her that either Santosh or she will stay in the company. Meghna explains her that company needs both Santosh and Jyoti. She scolds Jyoti for compelling her. Meghna has to clear Jyoti’s misunderstanding. She has to manage her business and company by prioritizing it.

Sir ji and Muskaan arrive at the godown to save Kajal. Sujoy gets angered seeing Sir ji and decides to kill him. While he shoots at Sir ji, the latter gets saved. Sujoy attempts again. Muskaan gets shot instead Sir ji. On the other hand, Ronak tries to run from the house. Police shoots him to put a break to his escape. Ronak gets shot in his leg. Muskaan bears the bullet to save Sir ji. Sujoy realizes his mistake and still hides his identity. Ronak gets treated by the doctor immediately.

His family worries for Ronak and believes that he is innocent. Muskaan brings Kajal home safely. Kajal’s plan fails. She tells the family that Ronak saved her. She is unaware that Muskaan has saved her. She tells the police that Ronak didn’t kidnap her. She worries for Ronak’s state. Muskaan faints by the pain. Ronak gets Muskaan treated and worries for her. Ronak gets angered on Kajal who is responsible for their state. Mrs. Sinha asks him to choose between Muskaan and Kajal.

Ronak learns that Muskaan has chosen him over her life. Sujoy feels sorry to hurt Muskaan. Ronak expresses his love for Muskaan. Sujoy witnesses their love and gets deeply hurt. Mrs. Sinha decides in Ronak and Muskaan’s favor. Kajal fails to answer them about her kidnapping. She doesn’t want police to investigate further. Mrs. Sinha feels Ronak and Muskaan truly love each other. Ronak chooses Muskaan as his wife.


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