TR’s Quick Reads YRKKH Dil Toh Happy Ghatbandhan

YRKKH Dil Toh Happy Ghatbandhan

YRKKH Dil Toh Happy Ghatbandhan: Kartik and Naira’s true love has been proved once again in front of everyone. Naksh isn’t happy with their union. He doesn’t leave a stone unturned to insult Kartik. He doesn’t believe Kartik. He isn’t able to forgive Kartik’s mistake of stealing Krish, since he can’t restore his faith on Kartik. Kartik proves that none can separate Naira and him. Mishti has united them once again by playing a cupid. The families are really happy knowing the lovers will always be happy in their togetherness.

Kartik’s love for Naira wins. Everyone congratulates Kartik for winning back his love. Kartik promises the families that he will not let any sorrow reach Naira. He wishes Naksh stays out of their lives if he wants to negatively influence them. Naira expresses her love for Kartik and shows her immense faith on him. Kartik wants Naira’s memory to come back.


Raghu realizes Dhanak has consumed excess Bhaang. He makes her eat chillies to end the Bhaang effect. Dhanak and Raghu have a romantic moment. Dhanak hugs him and thanks him for his help. Raghu feels on cloud nine. He feels Dhanak also loves him. Dhanak feels Maya’s stupid plans. Dhanak seeks help from Raghu since she has to nab some goons. Raghu agrees to help her.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:
Happy and Rocky celebrate Holika Dahan together. They both are falling in love. They have become great friends. Biji doesn’t want Happy to come close to Rocky. Rocky invites RV and Anaya in the Holi party. RV also falls for Happy. He wants to get Happy in his life. RV accepts Rocky’s invitation and asks Anaya and Ranveer to accompany him to the Holi party. Ranveer has plans to take revenge on Smiley. Rocky realizes his feelings for Happy. There will be huge drama in Holi party. Happy and Rocky will be seen romancing in the party.


Sitara gets married to Viraj. Vrinda expects Surili as the bride. She gets a huge shock when she finds Sitara during the Mu Dikhai rasam. Sitara’s ghunghat subsides. Everyone compliments her and wishes that she completes the family soon. Vrinda gets angry seeing Sitara and Viraj closer. Sitara makes the sweets for the first time and wins everyone’s heart. She wants to keep his family happy as a dutiful bahu.


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