Quick Recipes Relish delicious sweets this HOLI

Quick Recipes Relish delicious sweets this HOLI

Quick Recipes. Festivals are the perfect time to share your feelings and sidelining all the grudges between you and your loved ones. Holi festival reflects the victory of good over evil and is celebrated with full enthusiasm, love, joy, colour and delicious food all over India. The celebration looks incomplete without the traditional sweet dishes that one usually makes on this auspicious festival. Sweets are a critical factor of every joy and happiness, so do not forget to share your happiness with others by giving sweets. Today, on the occasion of Holi, we are sharing 2 special recipes one can easily make at home.

1. Thandai: It is a traditional drink made from a special masala and milk, thandai is served chilled. Seeds, nuts and spices are the ingredients of masala.
Ingredients: Sugar- 4 tbsp, Milk- 4 cups, Thandai masala powder-3 tbsp (available at shops), Saffron strands- 8, Dried rose petals -10.

1. Boil milk and sugar in a bowl. After the milk gets boiled, add thandai masala and cook for another 10 minutes.
2. Let it cool for few minutes and store in a separate container in the refrigerator to chill.
3. Once it is chilled, serve it by sprinkling some thandai mixture, saffron strands and rose petals.

2. Rabri: Rabri is also one of the popular sweets made from milk and saffron. The milk has to be reduced to more than half to get the perfect taste.
Ingredients: 4 cups milk, 1 cup heavy cream, 2 cup sugar, 2 tsp cardamom pepper, 1 tsp saffron strands, 3 tbsp almond slices, 1 tbsp pistachios chopped.

1. In a non-stick pan, boil the milk and sugar for almost 30 minutes till milk start sticking to the sides of the pan.
2. Add the cream and keep stirring on low flame to make sure milk does not get burn or stick at the bottom.
3. Add the cardamom powder and saffron strands and cook till the milk reduces to half its original quantity.

4. Once cool, pour it into a bowl and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to chill. Serve with finely chopped almonds and pistachios as toppings.
During this festival, people like to drink bhaang thandai which can have a significant impact on your health. So, we are also sharing some tips to get rid of hangover.
1. Drink fresh coconut water or a glass of lemon water to tackle bhaang hangover.
2. You don’t have to drink any tea, coffee or take any pain killer tablet as it can worsen your hangover.
We wish you a safe and colorful Holi.



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