Keep yourself healthy in hot summer

healthy in hot summer

Stay healthy in hot summer. Summer has come and people have started experiencing fatigue and laziness due to high humidity. It is not possible for anyone to be at home all the time during the season. It is always advisable to pay extra attention in keeping your health fresh and energetic. You have to make changes in diet and life style to protect yourself from excess heat that will result in dehydration, sun stroke, headaches or skin allergies. The elderly people and small kids have to take extra care as they are more prone to allergies and illness. There are some basic tips one has to follow to keep the body hydrated and active during summer.

1. Eat plenty of fruits: Fresh fruit or juices may beat the heat and rejuvenate your body. So add a variety of fruits in your daily routine.
2. Drink 4 litres of water: One can have a good health with a minimum consumption of 4 to 5 of water every day. This helps you to be hydrated throughout the day and feels energetic.
3. Wear sunglasses: Eyes are very critical organ of our body and exposed to direct sunlight. We have to protect it from excess heat by wearing sunglasses of high quality.

4. Binge on salads: Include green and leafy vegetables in your meals along with cucumber, carrot, butter milk or coconut water as they contain enough water and nutrients to stay fresh.

5. Wear loose clothes: You have to wear light colored and loose cotton clothes to absorb sweat and make sure to avoid dark color outfit as it will attract the heat quickly.
6. Have a proper sleep: You can stay healthy and cool during summer with a sound sleep. This is the time when you feel too much exhausted and need some time to take rest.
7. Apply Sunscreen: Apply a mild sunscreen lotion to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. You can even make use of Aloe Vera gel to protect the skin from sunburn and tanning.
8. Do an exercise: You have to start a strict exercise regime to stay active during the summer season. You can do lot of physical activities in the morning like aerobics, yoga, cycling, biking or swimming as with your choice and situations. This will result in sharpening of mind with a healthy body.


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