Star Plus Upcoming Hits Yeh Rishte Hai and more

Hits Yeh Rishte Hai and more

Upcoming Hits Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke: Abir finally convinces Kunal for his marriage. He wants to meet Mishti and her family. He wishes Kunal goes ahead in life with Kuhu. Kunal likes Kuhu and recalls their first meet. He surprises the family by telling them that he is ready to move on by marrying Kuhu. Meenakshi can’t take his sudden approval. She wonders the reason behind Kunal’s agreement. Kunal tells her that he would really like to meet Kuhu and her family. Abir and Mishti plan Kuhu and Kunal’s alliance talks meet. Maheshwaris want to be equally fair towards Mishti and Kuhu, since they love both the daughters a lot. Mishti wishes Kuhu’s alliance gets fixed with her crush Kunal. Rajshri is disturbed because of Naman.

Meenakshi wants to meet Maheshwaris and discuss the alliance. Kuhu gets excited to marry Kunal. Abir doubts Meenakshi’s intentions. He thinks she is upto something again. Meenakshi tells them that she is ready to get Kunal’s wife home. Kunal is happy to see her happy. Abir thinks Meenakshi will try to get a bahu for herself, than a wife for Kunal. He suspects her foul play and alerts his grandpa. Abir wants to spy on Meenakshi and also make a plan to be ready in advance.

Meenakshi tries to get details of Kuhu. Abir learns her plans and doesn’t want her to win again. Abir rushes to Kunal to keep him away from Meenakshi’s silly plans. He gets emotional. Maheshwaris also stay happy for Kuhu. They want to make her day much special. Meenakshi finds a crucial information about Kuhu. She decides to refuse to Kuhu’s marriage alliance. She complicates the matter by deciding Mishti and Kunal’s marriage.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Archie and Brahmanand try to deal to get their families back. Brahmanand tries to scare Archie and get the idol back, but she doesn’t come in his clever trap. She asks him to safely leave her family members free if he wants Vandana back. Kashinath gets accusing Thakur for helping Brahmanand and informing him their plans. Thakur pleads his innocence and makes a plan to safeguard the idol. Archie wants to meet Brahmanand and get her family back. She asks Kashinath and Revati to take the idol with them and mislead the goons. Brahmanand meets Archie and asks her to kill Vandana in front of him if she has guts to do this. Vandana doesn’t want to die. She pleads Archie to leave her free.

Brahmanand makes the trap and snatches the idol from Archie. Brahmanand tells Archie that he will kill his family members. He can’t kill Archie, as she is also Lali’s heir. He gives a chance to Archie to choose the dying person. Archie begs him to spare his family. Brahmanand spreads his fear in everyone’s mind by killing Sia.

He scares Rajmata and Revati as well. He tells Archie that he will gain the powers from idol very soon and then come into ruling power. Brahmanand rushes to complete a puja with the idol for which he needs Vandana’s help. Vandana plans to kill Archie and the royal family members to take revenge on them. Vandana attempts to kill Archie and others.

Krishna Chali London:

Gajanan supports Krishna when Shukla family gets against her. Krishna thanks him for his unconditional support. Gajanan asks Krishna and Veer to go ahead with the marriage. He wants Veer to always value Krishna and keep her happy. He takes Veer’s assurance. Veer marries Krishna with the blessings of his family. Krishna’s family is also happy for her new beginning. Veer takes Krishna home. Krishna begins her new life with Veer. Shukla plans a worst trap for Veer to punish him for his deeds.

He wants to ruin Krishna and Veer’s happiness. Shukla doesn’t want Veer to assume a happy ending to his love story. He wants to send Veer to jail so that Krishna’s life gets miserable. He can’t accept the truth. Triloki stays back in the hospital to get evidence against Veer. He wants to initiate the raid at the hospital. Krishna plans to leave for her parents’ house for the Pagphere. Veer tells the family that he is going to the hospital for work. Shukla’s plan gets in action against Veer.


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