High Five Spoilers Kulfi Kasautii Udaan YRKKH

High Five Spoilers Kulfi Kasautii Udaan YRKKH

Kulfi Kasautii Udaan YRKKH. Kartik and Naira celebrate Gangaur. All the couples are very happy to celebrate the festive of Gangaur. Kartik and Naira have a moment while they perform together. Purushottam turns evil. He irks Naira. His misdeed alerts Naira. Kartik finds Naira at discomfort and reaches her to support her. Kartik dances with him. Naira gets confused about Purushottam. The twist in the tale comes when they learn the shocking news of Rama and Vivaan’s accident. They rush to the hospital. They get the shocking news of Vivaan’s death. Vivaan dies in the accident. Rama cries and tells Kartik and Naira, that she can’t tell this truth to Gayu. Gayu was awaiting Vivaan for her wedding.

Kartik and Naira reach Gayu to give her this sad news that Vivaan has died. Naira cries and hugs Gayu. She tells Gayu that Vivaan is no more, and he will never come back to them. Gayu breaks down. She reveals her pregnancy news to Rama. Gayu faces a big problem because of Vivaan’s death. Samarth learns about her pregnancy, when he overhears Gayu and Rama’s conversation. Kartik and Naira try to help Gayu.

Samarth tells Gayu that he wants to help her. He proposes her for marriage. He asks her to think well and decide if she wants to marry him. He tells her that he wants to save her from all the troubles, since she has been a friend for him. Gayu accepts his proposal for the sake of the child. Samarth and Gayu’s marriage will be seen in the coming track. The Goenkas accept Gayu in the family. Rama gets grateful to them. Naira will also expose Purushottam’s truth to the family.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:
Kulfi and Sikandar have a close hit and miss. Sikandar meets the remand home kids, but misses to meet Kulfi they are at the same place. Kulfi gets to meet Amyra. Kulfi and Amyra are in two teams. They compete once again. Sikandar doesn’t know that Kulfi has participated in the competition. He thinks Kulfi is living with Mohendar and she is fine there. Kulfi sings to win the round. Amyra also gives her best to win the competition and fulfill her last wish. Sikandar and Lovely stay with Amyra to give her strength. They don’t want Amyra to miss the lines and lose confidence.

Sikandar tells Amyra that he will be backstage and listen to her singing. Kulfi and the kids get new clothes. They are confused if they will win or not. Sikandar tells the kids that they will win if they keep their belief on themselves. He tells them that one can always win if one is determined and confident. He advises the kids, unknowingly about Kulfi. He doesn’t meet Kulfi when he talks to the kids. The kids praise their lead singer Kulfi. He thinks the kids are talented. He wishes the best singer wins the competition.

Sameer loses his cool on Kiku, when he finds Kiku fooling Vanshika. Vanshika asks Sameer not to get between them. She doesn’t want Sameer to ruin her life. She says if you didn’t get your love, you can’t do this with me. She asks Sameer to stay out of her personal matters. Sameer joins his new job. He learns that Anjor has got the job for him by recommending to her dad. Sameer keeps his self esteem and rejects the job. He doesn’t want any pity from Jatin. He clears out to Jatin that he will not work for him, he isn’t his slave. He can’t forget Anjor for insulting his parents. He tells Jatin that Anjor can’t get forgiveness by helping him now. He doesn’t want to trust Anjor again.

Raghu and Dhanak are seen celebrating in the festive. They both challenge each other. Dhanak wants him to lose in the challenge. Raghu loves her a lot and can’t think of defeating her. He wants to win by making her win. Dhanak has a sudden fall. Raghu saves her once again. He can’t let her get hurt.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Prerna is trying hard to find the papers from Komolika’s room. Mishka wants to help Prerna. She has turned against Komolika. Mohini and Nivedita also get fooled. Komolika learns that the raid is fake. She wants to save the legal documents. Prerna gets her hands on the papers. Prerna, Anupam and Shivani come up with a funny drama and lies to mislead the family. Komolika rushes to inform Mohini about Prerna’s plans. Prerna succeeds to trick Komolika and then gets the papers to invalidate it.


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