Aapke Aa Jane Se Udaan Shakti Dramatic Shockers

Jane Se Udaan Shakti Dramatic Shockers

Aapke Aa Jane Se Udaan Shakti Arya hates Sahil even more. She doesn’t want to see him in the house. She treats him like a servant. She gives him a roti and onion to eat. She threatens Vedika that she will torture Sahil more. Vedika asks Arya not to fall so low. She goes to slap Arya. Sahil stops Vedika and asks her to let Arya do anything she wants. He serves the food to the family, and then goes to eat the roti and onion. He sits on the floor like a servant. Vedika feels sorry for him. Sahil is bearing Arya’s hatred just to change her thinking. He is sure that one day his innocence will be proved, and then Arya will repent a lot. He tells Vedika that the roti and onion combo is really mind blowing.

He enjoys the food and keeps smiling. Arya and Ghungroo get angered seeing his reaction, and leave their food. Sahil assures Vedika that Arya will soon understand them. He cheers her up by his romance touch.

Shakti: Soumya gets kidnapped. Varun and Shanno bring Soumya to the mental hospital. They try to get her mental shocks. They tie up Soumya. Shanno bribes the doctor. She wants the doctor to make Soumya mad. The doctor gives high voltage shocks to Soumya. Shanno wants Soumya to lose her memory about Harman and Singh family. She wants Soumya to get away from the family forever. She fulfills her revenge on Soumya. Will Soumya lose her mental balance and forget Harman and Soham?



Sameer finds Chakor in trouble when he reaches Shroff mansion. He witnesses Chakor bearing Anjor’s insulting words. He takes Chakor home. He asks Chakor why is she tolerating Anjor’s madness and misbehavior. He asks her not to work for Shroffs. Chakor reveals to him that Anjor is her daughter, for whom she had come to the city. Sameer gets a big shock knowing this. He doesn’t know how can Anjor treat her mother like this. He tells Chakor that Anjor can’t insult her like this. He wants to confront Anjor and scold her.

He didn’t expect this from Anjor. He tells her that he has no relation with Anjor now, she should get mature and behave well with everyone. He vents anger on Anjor in front of Chakor. She tells him that Anjor is mistaken about her, she has the only motive to change Anjor’s thinking. She seeks help from Jaya and Sameer. Sameer agrees to help Chakor. Chakor keeps her patience and hopes that one day Anjor will accept her.


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