Yeh Rishta Dadi breaks a shocking news to Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Upcoming Speechless

Yeh Rishta Dadi breaks a news. Dadi calls Kartik and Naira to know about Naira’s wound. She learns about Gayu’s medical tests. Naira feels Dadi will somehow learn the truth. She senses that Dadi heard about the medical tests. She wants to be true to Dadi and gain her support. Gayu returns home and tells Rama that everything is fine. Devyaani gets suspicious that Rama is hiding something. She asks Naira about Gayu’s upset mood. She asks Naira not to hide the truth from elders, since it may get late. She feels that Gayu is pregnant and wishes that her doubt isn’t true. Purushottam suggests Kartik to involve Naira in his business work. Purushottam and family praise Naira for her smartness. Kartik likes Naira’s suggestion.

Purushottam tells Kartik that Naira is pretty and sharp too. Kartik asks Naira if she will help him in work. Naira tells them that she is already occupied with many things. Dadi tells Surekha about Gayu’s visit to the hospital. She asks Surekha to find out the matter. Dadi asks Naira about Gayu’s visit. Naira gets lying to Dadi. She feels sorry and decides to tell the truth to Dadi. Naira tells Samarth and Gayu that they should inform Dadi about Gayu’s pregnancy. Gayu fears to face the elders. She doesn’t want to feel guilty. Samarth asks Gayu not to have any such feelings of guilt and shame. He supports Gayu.

He doesn’t want Dadi to know anything. Naira tells her that if they delay, things can get worse. They decide to let the marriage happen first before breaking the news to Dadi. Naira tells them that lying won’t be beneficial for anyone. She apologizes to Gayu. She just wants to lessen complications in Gayu’s life. She asks Gayu not to worry about her fate, since marriage will happen if its destined. Naira calls Dadi there and breaks Gayu’s pregnancy news to her. Dadi gets a huge shock and can’t decide about Samarth’s marriage instantly. She takes time to think about it. Samarth accepts that he knew about this and still wants to marry Gayu. Kartik asks Dadi to let the marriage happen. Naira tells Dadi that Samarth likes Gayu and respects her, and this marriage won’t be a wrong attempt.

Dadi meets Singhanias. Gayu feels everything is finished. She fears for Rama’s reaction. Samarth asks Naira why did she do this. Naira asks him to walk on the right path and not fear for the outcome. Dadi tells the family that she isn’t upset, she isn’t valued by anyone and she has accepted this already. She asks Samarth and Gayu to marry as per their wish. She feels she should stay out of their matters. She vents her annoyance on them. Naira feels she has hurt Dadi. Gayu takes stress and cries.

Samarth worries for Gayu. Gayu holds Naira responsible for Dadi’s cold behavior. Kartik and Samarth don’t want the sisters to have any rift. Dadi breaks the big news to Goenkas. She feels upsetting. They get blaming Naira for everything. Samarth tells Naira that he will talk to Dadi. Naira doesn’t want anything to go wrong with Gayu. Kartik asks her not to take stress. Samarth apologizes to Dadi. He tries hard to convince Dadi. Dadi expresses her objection towards Gayu, who is pregnant without a wedlock. He doesn’t care for the society.

Manish also explains Dadi that they should bring a change in the society. Dadi explains how people want their own blood to take the family legacy ahead. She opposes to accept Vivaan’s child. She asks Samarth to try his best, but still his child won’t ever belong to him. Kartik and Naira come up with an idea to convince Dadi.


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