Silsila Confessions Heartbreaks and much more lined

Silsila Confessions Heartbreaks and much more lined

Silsila Confessions Heartbreaks. Ruhaan finds Mishti in his room. She makes breakfast for him and also shows her concern for him. She leaves the haldi milk along with the breakfast. Ruhaan gets happy seeing her care. He wonders why is she caring for him, when she doesn’t accept the fact that something exists between them. He likes Mishti a lot. He just wants her to be happy. Arnav asks Taani to focus on her studies. He asks her to call Ansh home if she wants to meet him. Arnav tells her that he will scold Ansh for troubling the family. He doesn’t want to spare Ansh. He asks Taani not to create troubles for them. Pari meets Arnav to tell him about her feelings realization regarding her love. She hugs Arnav and tells him that she is in love. He gets too happy and thinks she loves him. She tells him that loves Ruhaan.

This brings a shocker for him. Veer stays upset with Mishti. He rejects her call. She wants to apologize to him. Arnav hides his sorrow and tears. He wants Pari to be happy. He loves Pari a lot. He feels he has failed to make his love reach her heart. He hears her feelings and tells Pari that he is happy for her. Pari gets insensitive towards him. Pari wants to know if Ruhaan loves her too. Sukamini sees Arnav’s heartbroken state and feels sorry. Pari sees Arnav crying and then realizes his pain.

Mishti sends an audio to apologize to Veer. She wants Veer to talk to her once. He feels sorry that he needs time and can’t fulfill her wish. He doesn’t want to say anything that complicates their lives. Pari apologizes to Arnav for breaking his heart. She tells him that he will always be her best friend. She cheers up Arnav and asks him to be with her always. She asks him to ask Ruhaan, if he is also in love with her. Arnav feels this is just impossible for him to do.

Pari unknowingly hurts him a lot. Pari wants him to understand her feelings. Radhika knows Ruhaan is much hurt because of Mishti. She apologizes to him. She tells him how protective Mishti is for Ansh. She asks him to know Mishti to know she is very clean hearted. Ruhaan tells her that he has no grudge against Mishti. He tells that he didn’t feel bad of Mishti’s words. He asks her to leave her worries. Mishti sheds tears in Veer’s memory. Ruhaan comes to her help seeing her in trouble. Mishti and Ruhaan come closer.


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