Avoid these combo foods to develop your health

Avoid these combo foods to develop your health

Avoid these combo foods. Food is one of the necessities of human beings. Some people love the simple dish, while others prefer to have a variety of dish or food in combination to enjoy the unusual combination. This unusual blend can bring harmful effect on their digestive system and make you sick. People are eating combination of food in their regular meal without knowing the influence that have on their body. The food combinations spoil the health when alkaline and acid foods are consumed together. People often have problems in digesting a meal and it is because they consume the food that should never be combined. This will result in painful gas, heartburn, and an upset stomach. Above all, you are not getting the healthy benefits of the food and lacks nutrition. We are sharing some tips to make you familiar with food to be avoided.

1. Tomatoes and Cucumber: A popular combination for salad. However, these 2 vegetables can disturb the metabolism of your body and lead to excessive fatigue and swelling as it will not digested accurately. Eat tomatoes and cucumber separately. Eat one day cucumber salad, the next day relish the tomato salad.
2. Potato and Meat: Potato starch contains alkaline digestive fluids, and the meat proteins produce acidic fluids. When we eat them together, they bring disorders as heartburn, acidity and gas. You can make a meat dish with green beans, cauliflower flower or broccoli. Avoid starchy vegetable.

3. Banana and Milk: This food combo is very popular among kids and youngsters. However, it has to eat separately as it will slow down the digestive system by staying longer hours in the body. One can drink milk separately and have banana as snacks between meals.
4. Food with a Fruit: Most people have a habit of having a fruit after finishing a meal. Any fruit can be digested easily, but if taken after a hefty meal can stay too long in the digestive tract that leads to fermentation and damage to intestines. It is always advisable to eat fruit at some other time.
5. Cheese sandwich and Coffee: If your meal is of this combo, then say goodbye to all the healthy properties of cheese. The carbs in bread prevent calcium to digest properly and affects your nervous and cardiovascular systems. And if you add instant coffee with sandwich, there will be no nutritious benefit to your health. If you want to have cheese sandwiches, then replace coffee with green tea.


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