Telly Reviews Upcoming Spoilers and Exclusive twists

Telly Reviews Upcoming Spoilers and Exclusive twists

Telly Reviews Upcoming Spoilers. New twist in Kulfi’s life: Lovely asks Amyra to move on in life by accepting her fate and not run away from problems. She doesn’t want Amyra to be stubborn, since they have already lost a lot by being stubborn and unfair towards others. She asks Amyra to let fate serve them what it holds for them, and not challenge the fate further. She regrets for doing wrong with Amyra before. Sikandar gets to overhear them and feels sad. He regrets for doing wrong with Kulfi. The kids tell Kulfi that a mother can never be wrong and if her father is wrong, she should try to find the reason behind his estrangement.

Kulfi gets thinking if there is any reason behind Sikandar’s big move to abandon her. She wants to test her fate again and talk to Sikandar once. Amyra begs Lovely to send Kulfi away from their lives. She reminds Lovely that they have done so much to get rid of Kulfi and now they have to do the same thing again. Lovely doesn’t want to lose Amyra. Lovely repents that her mistake is costly Amyra’s life. She goes to meet Kulfi with a request, and ends up scaring her.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji: Shaan buys the hotel and teaches a lesson to Happy and RV. Rocky is Shaan in reality. He gets friendly with Sania and wins her trust to get the evidence out from her. Rocky owns the hotel and provides the documentation for it, when RV challenges him. RV thinks Shaan couldn’t ever buy the hotel, since they never made such a deal to him. Rocky fails RV again and taunts him for framing him with false proofs.

Happy values the hotel a lot as it was Chintu’s dream. She shatters with the thought of losing the hotel. Rocky sympathizes with her, since he can’t see her crying. Happy has hopes from RV and asks him not to give up, since the hotel is precious to her. RV assures her that he will do his best and try to save her dreams. He doesn’t want Happy to lose. Happy misses the hotel, after Shaan takes it over. Rocky starts his new mission to get the evidence from Sania. He meets Sania and spikes her drink to make her speak out all the hidden secrets regarding his innocence. He is sure to find his innocence proof from Sania.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira learns Purushottam’s evil intentions and takes his class. She wants to tell his truth to everyone, but Dadi stops her. Mansi reveals Purushottam’s true face to Naira and Dadi, but Dadi prefers to keep her respect in the society. She wants to conceal Purushottam’s truth. Naira tells her that she won’t be quiet and will speak up to everyone. Dadi asks Naira to be tight-lipped about Purushottam’s truth. Naira wants to get justice for Mansi and everyone.

She asks Dadi why is she so helpless that she is hiding such a big truth from the family. She feels Purushottam doesn’t deserve to live between them. Dadi strongly opposes Naira and tells her that she has known Mansi’s chapter since long, and kept silence about it, to keep the family united, because of Purushottam’s numerous favors on them. Naira doesn’t want any pressure on Mansi or Dadi. She decides to take a bold step and expose Purushottam with solid evidence.


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