Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala Horrific Shocker for Kulfi next

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala Horrific Shocker for Kulfi next

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala Horrific twist. Kulfi apologizes to Nimrat while talking to the stars. She feels so sad that she blamed Nimrat for her troubles, but the fact is Nimrat is always with her. She is happy that she earned good friends in the remand home. Kulfi’s emotional talks makes her friends cry. Kulfi is sure that Nimrat has sent the kids in her life as angels, since they are her new strength now. She doesn’t want to fight with Nimrat ever and promises the same. She wants to stay happy for the sake of Nimrat’s happiness. The kids make a family. Lovely tells Amyra that she can’t do anything with Kulfi now. Amyra wants Lovely to make her rid of Kulfi by any way. Lovely repents for her mistake.

Nimrat guides Kulfi and wants her to sing in the competition. Kulfi wants to continue in the competition and not back out. Mohendar tells Sikandar that Kulfi has been suffering a lot, when she is not at fault. He reveals how Lovely had admitted Kulfi in the remand home. Lovely is ashamed on her mistakes. She tells Sikandar that she had explained Amyra about Kulfi.

Consequently, Sikandar confronts her about sending Kulfi to remand home. He asks her if she hates Kulfi so much. He gets reprimanding her for making him lose his daughter forever. He asks Lovely how can she send Kulfi to such a dangerous place. He feels Lovely doesn’t deserve to be called a mother. He scolds her for trying to kill Amyra in her madness. Lovely apologizes for everything and reforms. He feels she is totally heartless and hopeless. Sikandar realizes the pain Kulfi has gone through. Amyra expresses her hatred for Kulfi once again. Kulfi knows Amyra doesn’t want to sing with her. Amyra demands Kulfi to leave the competition. Kulfi doesn’t want to leave the competition on Amyra’s orders. She asks Amyra to fight sincerely and win. She doesn’t want to lose again. Amyra feels Kulfi will snatch everything.

Kulfi tells Amyra that she didn’t get her father because of her promise made to Amyra, but she can’t turn down her friends’ hopes. Meanwhile, Amyra requests Lovely to do something to make Kulfi away once again. Lovely doesn’t want to trouble Kulfi further. She goes to apologize to Kulfi, and ends up scaring her at first. Kulfi gets a shock on finding Lovely’s unseen avatar when Lovely breaks down and accepts her mistakes.

Lovely tells Kulfi that she has hurt everyone without realizing her mistake. She tells Kulfi how she has put Amyra in pain to achieve her motives. She asks Kulfi to forgive her for her hatred. She repents and sheds tears, touching Kulfi’s heart. She takes up the responsibility of her mistakes. Kulfi gets scared of Lovely and runs away, while Lovely begs her for forgiveness. Sikandar faces a tough time with his daughters. He feels distant when he is with Kulfi. He is contented that she is safe.

Moreover, Amyra and Kulfi argue and disagree to perform the duet together. Mia enjoys the family drama. She likes their argument. Sikandar wants to handle both of them with love and care. He asks them to not ruin their performance, and better prepare a song together. Sikandar wants Kulfi to learn Amyra’s song. He tells Kulfi’s teacher that he knows Kulfi the best. He tells that he will decide the song. Mahesh gets upset and wants Kulfi to either choose him or Sikandar. Kulfi wants to choose Sikandar. Kulfi faces a big trouble when Amyra unmasks her on the stage and challenges her to perform, by revealing the truth that she belongs to remand home. When Sikandar saves Kulfi from Amyra’s plan, Amyra goes to turn more wicked and electrocutes Kulfi. Kulfi loses her voice in the accident. Sadly, this terrible twist brings a new track ahead.


  1. Why can’t the serial be twisted towards truth by punishing the culprits.It is high time for this as it is getting disgusting day by day.

  2. Kids lije amyra is really a bad impact on other normal kids as this is a family daily soap.. Either she turn a positive character or just kill her from ds serial..

  3. Amyra is a selfish child and this is all because of lovely. Mothers can make or destroy a child. Amyra should lose and kulfi should win. Honesty and sincerity must win. Everytime Amyra only blackmails sikandar or lovely to get her way.

  4. HeartlessLovely and Amarya what is director showing At first children use to see it but now it is bad for children This should go off air

  5. How much more kulfi has to suffer and why?? Amyra is evil like lovely, very dissapointing. Amyra is a bad influence for kids.

  6. I totally agree with all the viewers comments as it’s time to put an end to this horrible show which portrays that to be evil is good. Please put some positivity into this show before you get even more comments like these. Whatever the viewers say is right because we are watching the show. It’s about time that evil mother and daughter realise that sikandar is not her father and he never loved you evil lovely. Tovar should come back and put sikandar and his weakling family straight. You as a director are making a joke out of this show and people don’t want to watch it anymore because of all the negativity and sadness of one poor innocent child kulfiwho knows her father but is afraid of breaking her promise to evil mother and daughter. Kulfiis actually human, noble, kindhearted, honest happy, loving and an amazing actress but it’s time to bring sincerity and honesty back into this show. Sikandar and kulfi to be reunited. Enough is enough


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