Star Plus Kulfi Latest Promo Kulfi loses her voice

Star Plus Kulfi Latest Promo Kulfi loses her voice
Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Latest Promo

Star Plus Kulfi Latest Promo The little child prodigy Kulfi will be seen getting an acceptance from her father Sikandar, which drives Lovely’s daughter towards more hatred for Kulfi. Amyra hates Kulfi already. She doesn’t care if she does the unthinkable with Kulfi. Amyra thinks she is going to die as the doctor has given the final word about her life. Amyra doesn’t want Kulfi to snatch her father during her final days, where in she has planned to spend the maximum time with Sikandar. Amyra doesn’t want to share her father’s love with anyone. On the other hand, a big surprising thing happens, when Lovely repents for her mistake and melts her heart for Kulfi. She can’t take Sikandar’s blame, that she wanted to turn him childless totally by risking both the daughters’ lives. Sikandar gets disgusted with Lovely’s act.

He doesn’t want Lovely to trouble Kulfi more. Lovely promises to treat Kulfi nicely from now on. She doesn’t want to hinder again in Kulfi’s way, knowing she has put the girl in testing times. She feels Kulfi deserves the win. Amyra doesn’t think Kulfi has a right on Sikandar. Kulfi doesn’t share her traumatic experiences of the remand home.

Sikandar rescues Kulfi when Amma ji comes to arrest her along with the other kids once again. Amyra decides to expel Kulfi from their lives. She takes a competition to cheat and defeat Kulfi in the competition. When her trick to get Kulfi arrested doesn’t work, she thinks to harm Kulfi. She goes mad on seeing Sikandar supporting Kulfi on the stage, and being with her like a doting father. Amyra decides to snatch Kulfi’s biggest gift of life, that’s her voice. She doesn’t want Kulfi to sing ever. Kulfi gets unaware of Amyra’s plans and falls prey. Kulfi gets a shock when she holds the mic to perform on the stage. Sikandar persuades Kulfi to sing again, but in vain. He gets a huge shock knowing Kulfi has lost her golden voice. What will Sikandar do now? Keep reading.


  1. Utter ridiculous and sheer madness is all I an say. Stop ruining the show anymore as enough is enough. Negativity, abuse, torture, hatred, attempted murder,bullying and sadness from the very start of the show until today is too much for any normal person watching. Director if you cannot see that than you should retire. Just reunite father and daughter and give the viewers what they want and not you. I hate and am traumatised by this show so put an end to it now or turn it around for the sake of the viewers


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