Upcoming Silsila track gets interesting twists

Upcoming Silsila track gets interesting twists

Upcoming Silsila track. Pari wishes Veer on seeing the marriage invite. Ruhaan gets upset on seeing the cards. He doesn’t know what to do. Veer jokes on Ruhaan’s role in his marriage. He gives big duties to Ruhaan. Mishti stays confused. The families ask Veer and Mishti to fulfill some rituals. Radhika fulfills the rituals with Pari. They are very happy that Mishti is settling down in her life. Ruhaan can’t control his feelings. He feels he is cheating Veer, but h can’t cheat himself by neglecting his feelings for Mishti. Veer tells Mishti that they will be soon turning into a married couple.

Mishti doesn’t look happy. Pari teases Mishti for donning the traditional attire to impress Veer’s family. Ruhaan tells Mishti that she looks different, but really good. He compliments Mishti for her mesmerizing look. Pari tells Ruhaan that they should just rush with the arrangements. Mishti feels she needs more time to clear her mind. Radhika reminds that she has planned the marriage date. She asks Mishti not to worry, since nothing can change now. She doesn’t want Mishti to stay in any dilemma.

Radhika asks Veer about his family so that they can invite them in Mishti’s marriage. Ruhaan gets emotional and tells them that he is an orphan, his parents died long ago, he has no home and he was raised in an orphanage. Mishti understands his pain and feel bad that she has been so unfair towards him before. Everyone feels sorry for Ruhaan. Ruhaan tells them that he didn’t see his parents and their love, so he has no pain of losing their love. He feels Mishti and Pari’s pain would be bigger than his pain. Mishti and Pari get upset on recalling their parents’ death.

Ruhaan and Mishti understand each other without words. She wishes to help him and give him strength in his loneliness. Her heart starts longing for Ruhaan. She wants to tell him that she understands his pain. She feels sorry that she can never be with Ruhaan. Ruhaan cares for Mishti. He realizes that Mishti had been close to him to end his loneliness, without expressing her presence.


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