Star Kulfi Kumar Upcoming and more lined up

Star Kulfi Kumar Upcoming and more lined up

Star Kulfi Kumar Upcoming big twists and more spoilers lined up. Kulfi loses her voice in the electrocution incident. Sikandar urges Kulfi to sing. He sings along with her and asks her to complete the song. Kulfi fails to speak up and then realizes that she has lost her song. Her vocal strength gives up by the strong current shock. Sikandar can’t believe the another hit of fate on Kulfi’s life. He wants to protect her from all the dangers. He vows to take up all the problems and dangers on him, before any threat reaches her. Sikandar attempts to help Kulfi recover her lost voice by the strong inspiration of music.

He knows music is an integral part of Kulfi’s life and she can’t live without music. Knowing her strengths and passion, he decides to help Kulfi sing again by the power of music. Sikandar and Lovely struggle to explain Amyra her big mistake of hating Kulfi. Amyra stays revengeful against Kulfi.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:
Rajshri feels Naman is greedy for money and can do anything to Mishti. She feels they should get Mishti married off soon, so that Rajvansh family becomes her protectors. Vishwamber asks Rajshri not to worry, since they can also protect Mishti forever. Abir invites the family for Ketki’s marriage.

Maheshwaris get happy that Rajvansh family has accepted Mishti’s condition, and that’s why they have sent an invitation. They look forward to meet Rajvansh family again. Abir and Kunal make Ketki ready for the marriage, and get emotional. Abir wishes Meenakshi’s terms to get better with Maheshwari family. Abir convinces Kunal for giving a chance to Mishti by accepting her condition of marital courtship. He tells Kunal that even he will get a chance to know Mishti if he agrees to her condition. He asks Kunal to take this positively and not on his ego. Kunal wants the peace to sustain in the house. He wishes to end Abir and Meenakshi’s daily clashes.


Gayatri gets blackmailed by Kajal. She is asked to take Muskaan’s big test. Gayatri asks Muskaan if she really loves her and regards her mother. Gayatru melts down after hearing Muskaan’s lovely speech in the party. Kajal threatens Gayatri of killing the family. She forces Gayatri to ruin the party. Gayatri obeys Kajal. She asks Muskaan to shoot herself and die, if she wants to give lifelong happiness to her. Muskaan tells Gayatri that she loves her a lot and will fulfill her request. Ronak gets a huge shock seeing Gayatri’s mad rage. He stops Muskaan from taking the wrong step.

Pyaar Ke Papad:
Omkar and his family call the neighbors when they organize the Bhajan. Alankar dances and sings the Bhajans. Jaya instigates the women. The women get gossiping and ask the brothers about the house division. Mangal gets angry on the women and ask them to just leave their house. Omkar asks Mangal to calm down, its not a big deal, we can handle this. Mangal asks Omkar will he decide everything now. He makes the women out.

Jaya asks Omkar why is he calling problems, when they are doing kirtan for peace. Omkar tells them that he also belongs to the house, and its his family. Jaya asks him if he means the house belongs to only him. Triloki plans to divide the brothers. He makes Omkar and his brothers away. The odd moment between the brothers begin. Triloki and Jaya wan to divide the house, so that Shivika doesn’t marry Omkar. Jaya works for Triloki, since she hates Shivika. There is much tension in the family, because of Jaya.



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