High Five Spoilers Ishq Mein Marjawan Pyaar Rishtey

High Five Spoilers Ishq Mein Marjawan Pyaar Rishtey

Ishq Mein Marjawan Pyaar Ke Papad: Omkar and Shivika’s love story goes on a rough way because of Shivika’s dad Triloki breaking the unity in Omkar’s family. Omkar’s brothers get bitter hearted when Triloki weakens their relations. Even Omkar’s Bhabhis have a heated argument. Shivika helps Omkar in managing the family tensions. Omkar is worried for his family. Omkar and Shivika meet and have a happy moment, while dreaming of their marriage. Triloki doesn’t want them to marry. Shivika finds Omkar an ideal guy for her. She loves him and wants to marry only him. Triloki doesn’t respect her decision and instead creates troubles for Omkar and her.

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke: Mishti suspects Ved’s foul play when she spots Ved marrying in the temple. Mishti doesn’t want Ketki’s life to get ruined. She shares the matter with Kuhu that she has seen Ved at the temple, where he fell down and got hurt. Kuhu finds Ved stumbling due to the injury and believes Mishti. Kuhu rushes to Ketki and asks her not to marry Ved, he is a big fraud. She asks Ketki to break the marriage. Mishti stops Kuhu from taking an impulsive decision. She tells Kuhu that they should talk to Abir and Kunal about Ved. Meenakshi and everyone dance and welcome Ved’s baraat.

They are very happy for Ketki’s marriage. Mishti rushes to Abir to break the truth to him. She asks Kuhu not to land in trouble by getting involved in this matter. She wants to stop Ketki’s marriage. Meenakshi learns about Kuhu and Mishti’s move. She doesn’t believe them that Ved is already married. She scolds them and locks them in the room, so that Ketki’s marriage doesn’t stop. Mishti wants to save Ketki’s future. She asks Kuhu to find some way so that they can go out of the locked room.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Aarohi tells the court that Deep killed Tara. She blames Deep for killing Tara. She shows the evidences against Deep. She wants justice for Tara. She gets blindfold and fires a bullet. She tells them that Deep is blind, but his hearing capability is high, he can still shoot anyone. Inspector Shikhar comes there and tells the court that Tara is alive and she is recovering. He tells the judge that Tara isn’t fine to give a statement against her culprit. Deep blames Aarohi for attempting to kill Tara.


Ronak gets doubtful about Gayatri’s madness and hatred towards Muskaan. He wishes to know what’s bothering her so much that she isn’t agreeing to forgive and accept Muskaan. Even Sir ji gets puzzled with Gayatri’s emotional change, since he knows her as a good human being. He wants to know why did she take such an extreme step to ask for Muskaan’s life. Sir ji can’t believe that she is doing this by her self will. He finds her worried for Kajal and decides to get Kajal’s admission done in some good school for mentally challenged kids.

Kajal gets angry seeing Sir ji and Ronak doubtful. She wants to proceed in her plans to kill Muskaan before she gets exposed. Kajal fools Ronak and makes a plan to kill Muskaan again. She gives him an idea to bring Gayatri and Muskaan together again. Ronak falls in Kajal’s trap. Gayatri tries hard to inform Ronak about Kajal’s evil. She leaves a note for him and hopes that he reads it and helps her in freeing the family from Kajal’s clutches.


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