Star Plus New Comings Hits and Twists

Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

Star Plus New Comings. Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke: Rajshri wants Mishti to forget her condition, but Vishwamber supports Mishti. Mishti gets surrounded by her questions. She imagines everyone asking her to forget the condition and agree for the marriage. Mishti doesn’t want them to decide for her life. She heads to the temple and prays to know if her decision is right or wrong. She feels she has hurt many people by her decision. She thinks there is much pressure from the family and society. She wonders if she has done wrong by asking for her rights. She realizes her mistake. Abir is at the temple too. He hears Mishti’s confusion. He gets a weird idea to boost her confidence. He sends some women to kidnap her.

Mishti fights back and shows her courage. Abir pops up and shows his prank played on her. He asks her not to lose so soon and just be strong. She tells him that she wanted to talk to him. He asks her to always follow her heart and support the right. He asks her to stick to her decision and believe in herself. She wants to tell him that she wants to share many things with him as a friend. Abir explains her that he is her friend and doesn’t want her to change. Mishti finds Ved marrying someone in the temple.

She gets confused about Ved. She wants to get sure about Ved first, before she shares this with Abir. Kunal meets Kuhu to know why is Mishti asking for marital courtship. Kuhu has no answers from Mishti’s behalf. She tells him that she doesn’t know about Mishti’s decision. Kunal asks her if she would ask for marital courtship of they were marrying. Kuhu tells him that isn’t happening now, so he better shouldn’t ask this question. Kuhu is heartbroken as she had a crush on Kunal. Mishti finds Ved with another girl. Ved gets the baraat for Ketki. She tries to stop Ved and Ketki’s marriage. She rushes to share the shocking finding with Abir, knowingg he will trust her.

Krishna Chali London:

There is a leap of five years in the show. Krishna has become a successful doctor and runs a big hospital. Shukla wants Krishna to support him in the medical business. Krishna refuses to his offer again and again. Krishna finds a patient needing help and makes a grand entry to teach a lesson to the groom, who is blocking the way for the ambulance. Krishna shows her stern behavior to get everything her way. She makes way for the ambulance.

She expresses her bitterness towards marriage. Shukla tells the family that he still needs Krishna’s help to manage his hospital. Krishna becomes stern like Veer. She gets angry on the interns, just the way Veer used to do. She is much hurt by Veer’s deceive. She vents anger on others. She wants the interns to have discipline and dedication in their job. Shukla finds Krishna’s avatar much changed. He wants her to just accept the profitable offer so that they both get much money. Krishna refuses to his offer once again, which hurts his ego. Shukla plans to get into his old avatar again to teach a lesson to Krishna. Shukla and Krishna get against again. Krishna gets a shocking news of Radhe’s survival in London. She can’t believe this, since she had brought Radhe’s body to India for his final rites.


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