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YHM Udaan Aapke Aa Jane Se: Anjor breaks down seeing Chakor in danger. She shares her emotions with Sameer. She tells Sameer that she loves Chakor a lot, she can’t stay angry on her for long. Anjor builds a soft corner in her heart for her mother Chakor, knowing Chakor has risked her life to save Sameer and her. Anjor doesn’t think that Chakor can plan to kill someone. She tells Jatin that maybe she has misunderstood Chakor. She gets worried for Chakor and feels guilty. She wants Chakor to recover fast. Jatin and Poonam want Anjor to be happy.

Poonam is insecure that she will lose Anjor to Chakor. She brings hurdles and misunderstandings between Anjor and Chakor. Poonam plans an attack on Chakor again and wants to kill her, so that Chakor never claims Anjor again. Raghav visits Chakor in the hospital. He finds Chakor’s life in danger. He witnesses Anjor and Chakor’s bonding. He realizes the life threat on Chakor and decides to take her home with him to protect her life, until she recovers and gets on her own. Raghav returns in Chakor’s life.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil and Vedika meet once again. He saves her from the riots and beats the goons. They instantly connect when they meet. Vedika is a divorcee and doesn’t want to fall in love again, but she gets attracted to Sahil unknowingly. Vedika’s family wants Vedika to get married again. Sahil falls in love with Vedika. He shows his understanding and helpful side. Their love story begins.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara daydreams about Kabeer. Even Kabeer imagines her. They both are connected by hearts. They spend lovey dovey moments in their dreams. They are going to get separated. They reconsider their decision to part ways. They pray for each other’s happiness, well being and good future, even if they have to stay away.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi and Yug want to talk to Ishita to end her fight with Raman. Ruhi gets an ill feeling because of Ishita. Aaliya feels bad that everyone is accusing Ishita. Yug feels Raman should lead the matter and find out a solution.

Ruhi taunts Yug for not feeling the tension since Raman and Ishita aren’t his parents. Aaliya gets alert by her taunt and confronts her for insulting Adi. Ruhi and Yug lie to Aaliya again and manage the matter. Aaliya apologizes to Ruhi. Karan invites Ruhi and Aaliya to come in the charity event, and also organize a sale of her designer clothes, which will be beneficial for Aaliya’s project. Ruhi and Aaliya agree to his invitation. Rohan gets glad seeing his plan working. Rohan doesn’t want to let Aaliya go away this time.


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