Silsila Voot Colors Upcoming and more twists

Silsila Voot Colors Upcoming and more twists

Silsila Voot Colors Upcoming. Veer wants Mishti to pay attention to him, but she is just occupied with Ruhaan’s thoughts. She is worried that Ruhaan is hurt. Veer asks Mishti what is she thinking. He tells her that they shall order food now. Mishti gets disturbed and leaves for home. Veer wants to know what happened to her and follows her. He asks her to tell him if she wants to go home, he will take her. Ruhaan cries out and shouts his love for Mishti. He confesses his feelings for Mishti, and feels he can never get her. He feels sorry that he didn’t get his true love. Mishti senses Ruhaan when he shouts his love.

Veer gets Mishti home and tells her that he will drop her till the door. Mishti asks him not to worry. He hugs her and bids her bye. Mishti rushes to Pari and know if Ruhaan is fine. Mishti goes to sleep. Pari wakes her up and asks her to go and meet Veer, who has come downstairs to meet her. Mishti goes to Veer and sees him going away. Ruhaan reaches her and tells her that they are made for each other. Ruhaan wants Mishti to accept her love. Veer tells Mishti that she has committed to him and they will always be happy if she keeps her commitment. Ruhaan asks Mishti to accept that she loves him.

He asks her to decide for her life, whom does she want, her love or commitment. They both put her in a dilemma. They ask her how much she values relations. They forward their hand to Mishti. She shouts and wakes up from her dream. She doesn’t share anything when Pari asks her the matter. Mishti gets more disturbed because of her dream. She locks herself and cries. On the other hand, Ansh lies to Sukamini about Taani and his studies. Radhika asks Sukamini to send Taani home for studies.

Sukamini worries knowing Ansh and Taani didn’t come home. She wonders where did they go and why. She doesn’t want Taani to skip her studies. Pari is stressed about her new project. She shares her tensions with Mishti. Mishti comforts her and tells her that she will handle everything. Pari tells her about the event location, Lonavla. Mishti agrees to leave for Lonavla. Pari asks her if she will be able to handle Veer. Mishti assures to take care of everything.


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