Star Plus Upcoming Tracks, twists and more

Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

Star Plus Upcoming Tracks Krishna Chali London: Krishna and Gajanan have an argument when she snatches his phone and asks him not to tell the family about Radhe. She asks him to act wise and think how can Radhe come back. She reminds Gajanan that he always supported her. She asks why is he going against him this time. She asks him to believe her once again and not give any false hopes to anyone. She tells them that everyone will shatter once their hopes break. She wants to take the assumed Radhe home and then get a DNA test done in her own hospital under her own supervision. Krishna and Gajanan get the guy to Kanpur. On the way to home from airport, the car breaks down. The guy disappears while Krishna and Gajanan try to get the car fixed. The guy happens to meet Shukla. Shukla connects with him and asks his name. The guy has no idea about his past life, after his memory loss. He doesn’t know Shukla.

Shukla asks why is he staring. Shukla asks if there is anyone with the guy. The driver takes the guy with him. Krishna is relieved that Shukla didn’t see the guy. Shukla doesn’t see Gajanan there. Bela gets suspicious when her son tells her that he has seen Gajanan with Krishna. Bela wants to know what’s fishy. Krishna wants to take the guy to her home, instead Shukla house. Gajanan and Krishna find the guy climbing the electric pole and fixing it to help the people, just like Radhe has done in the past. This leaves Krishna in a shock. Gajanan gets convinced that this guy is his brother Radhe.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:
Kulfi meets Sikandar and wants to know what will she do in the round when she isn’t able to talk. She knows he sings well, but she can’t sing with him. He assures her that everything will get fine today. He expresses his belief that she will sing with him very soon. He doesn’t want to break her trust again. He knows Kulfi will never let anyone down. She writes a letter for him. She asks him why does he trust her, when he doesn’t relate with her heart. Sikandar wants to tell her that he is her father and she is his daughter. He gets emotional and stops on seeing Amyra behind. When Kulfi doesn’t sing, he signals Mia to execute their plan. Mia instructs her staff to drop the chandelier on Sikandar. Kulfi will be regaining her voice seeing Sikandar in danger.


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