Kulfi Kumar Dangerous threat on Sikandar next

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala TellyReviews Highlights

Kulfi Kumar Dangerous threat twist. Sikandar spends time with Kulfi by planning an outing. Kulfi gets happy and is also upset thinking of his bitterness before. He tries hard to make her smile, so that her will power to fight the odds get revived. He wants her to sing with him. She fails to sing and cries. He doesn’t want to lose in life. He inspires her to defeat all the problems of her life. He asks her not to be burdened by any sorrow. He tells her that she can still be the best, once she feels it by her heart. He tells her that everyone’s life is imperfect and people deal with it in their own ways. Mia sends her aide to keep an eye on them. He constantly watches them and sends the live feed to Mia. Sikandar cries out his pain and asks Nimrat to help him.

He wants Nimrat to pray to Lord on his behalf, so that Kulfi regains her voice. He doesn’t want Kulfi to lose her voice forever. Kulfi finds Sikandar in danger and tries to shout out to him. Sikandar finds her tensed and runs to her. He gets saved and tells her that nothing happened to him. She gets scared for him. She signs him that she has seen him in danger and wanted to help.

Mia gets an idea and turns mean again. She praises her smart brains. She wants to use Kulfi and Sikandar’s emotional factor for her benefit. Kulfi fails to talk to her friends. Mia meets Sikandar and tells him that she was keeping a track on him just to help him. He asks her why did she get the video shot without his permission. She shows the video footage to him that could benefit Kulfi. She tells him that Kulfi tried to speak by watching him in danger. She tells him that Kulfi may talk again if he repeats this moment by a proper planning. She asks him to do something that triggers Kulfi to regain her voice. She feels this is the only way by which he can save his daughter from losing her voice forever. /p>

Sikandar likes her idea and gets grateful to her for all the help. She tells him that maybe he is scared for his life. He is scared that maybe Kulfi won’t be able to handle this shock. He gets confused for a while. Mia tells him that he has to decide for Kulfi’s sake. He decides to try out the emotional shock experiment for Kulfi by risking his life, so that she really speaks up on finding him in danger.

He gets clear headed about his plan. He isn’t scared of his life at all. Mia tells Sikandar that the danger would be real and there won’t be any chance of cancelling their plans in last minute. She tells him that he has to be careful about his life. She offers him all the support. He gets ready to do anything for his daughter. Kulfi gets the support of her friends. She feels bad that she is breaking their hopes by her silence. Akash comes up with a drama to provoke Kulfi so that she gets angry and shouts. Akash too wants Kulfi to get fine, so that they have a healthy competition. He doesn’t like any good artist to suffer.

He challenges Kulfi to sing and win if she can. He asks her to stop being emotional and sing. He urges her to talk, but she can’t talk. She fails to talk and turns upset. Sikandar takes the real danger to save his daughter’s life. Kulfi and friends get upset that they will be disqualified in the round. Kulfi feels sorry for them. Sikandar comes to their rescue. Lovely is worried that Kulfi won’t be able to perform. Sikandar teams up with Kulfi and performs with her so that she sings with him.


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