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Star Plus Upcoming Shockers Krishna Chali London: Veer gets injured in the jail. He is taken to Krishna’s hospital. He loves Krishna and wants to meet her some how. He escapes from the jail to meet Krishna on their wedding anniversary. He injures himself to reach the hospital on this special date every year. He waits for Krishna. He wishes to see her once. Radhe and Krishna are already there. Krishna wants to get Radhe’s DNA tests done. Veer makes an entry back in Krishna’s life. Veer attacks the policeman and wants to go back from the medical ward. Veer comes face to face to Krishna and gets emotional He tries his best to tell her that he didn’t kill Radhe deliberately. Veer learns about the imposter who is assumed as Radhe Lal Shukla. He tells Krishna that Radhe can’t come back from the dead and the guy is tricking everyone by taking up Radhe’s identity.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:
Abir meets Vishwamber when he is summoned at Maheshwari house. Mrs. Parekh raises questions on Abir and Mishti’s friendship. Vishwamber wants to talk to Abir. He tells Abir that Ketki isn’t at fault when Ved cheated her, but still everyone questioned Ketki, same way, Mishti and Kuhu are also questioned, Kuhu is questioned when Meenakshi has rejected her and asked for Mishti’s hand for Kunal.

He tells Abir that Mrs. Parekh has questioned Mishti’s character, but he doesn’t want this to repeat. He doesn’t want any false blames to hurt Mishti. He asks Abir to stay away from Mishti if he cares for her. He says I don’t know if Mishti and Kunal will get married, if Meenakshi will accept the courtship condition, but he won’t let Mishti fall in new trouble. Vishwamber and Rajshri tell Abir that he can’t change people’s thinking about his daughters, but they are proud of Mishti and Kuhu. Abir gets worried knowing his friendship is in risk.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:

Rocky finally gets to know the truth that Ranveer is the criminal and RV has saved him from Smiley’s case by his manipulations. He wants to tell the truth to Happy. He goes to meet Happy at her home and tries to tell her that he got the proof of his innocence. He removes his eye lens and tells Happy that he isn’t Shaan, but Rocky. He reveals to her why he took Shaan’s identity, that’s only to find the proof of his innocence. He also tells that Sania had the evidence and shown him the footage as well. She gets a big shock.

He tells Happy that Ranveer is the molestor in Smiley’s case, and that’s why RV had framed him in the case to save his brother. Happy doesn’t believe him since he has done much wrong with everyone in the party. Rocky has lost her trust. He wants to tell her that he wants to be with her, he wants her to trust him. He wishes that he wins Happy’s love and faith again. They both have an argument. He wants her to accept his truth and know RV’s true face. She tells him that she will never believe him against RV. She thinks of accepting RV’s marriage proposal. Rocky bothers her and doesn’t want her to marry RV. Sandhya asks Happy if she is fine. Happy hides Rocky from Sandhya and lies to her. Happy gets in a dilemma. Rocky wants to prove his truth and innocence to the family.


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