Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Finale lines up big shockers

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Finale lines up big shockers

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Finale twists. Kulfi isn’t selected in the finals. Kulfi and the kids are worried that they will have to return to the remand home. They shed tears. Sikandar wants to talk to Kulfi once. He finds her crying and wants to be with her. Kulfi and her friends stay away. Lovely finds Sikandar in deep sorrow. She assures him that she won’t be letting Kulfi get caught by police again, Kulfi won’t be going back to remand home. He wants to save all the kids, who deserve a good life. Lovely promises him that she will help Kulfi and her friends. She thinks he is upset that Kulfi didn’t get selected. He tells Lovely that Kulfi will accept her failure, its part of the success journey, but he wants to be with his daughter. Kulfi and the kids shed tears that they have lost.

The kids try to console Kulfi, when she cries non stop. Akash asks her to accept that she didn’t sing well and that’s why she lost. Kulfi congratulates him. She asks him to sing well and become a winner. Akash gets emotional when he hears her innocent talk. Mia thinks its time to make a shocking announcement that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. She wants to expose Sikandar and Kulfi’s relation truth in front of the media and public, so get a big spike in the TRPs. Akash and Amyra give their pre-win speech and get applauded for their confidence.

Kulfi cries seeing Sikandar and Amyra together. The kids ask Kulfi to be on her own, while they have to return to remand homes. Kulfi doesn’t want to leave them alone. She wants to go with them. She hugs her friends. Sikandar is helpless because of Amyra’s health condition. He doesn’t want Amyra to get angered again. He wants to be with Kulfi. Akash gets emotional seeing Kulfi’s tears. Mia plans to air Sikandar and Kulfi’s video on the screen. Akash interrupts her plans. He makes a big announcement and admits that he isn’t a young age as the other kids. He tells them that he isn’t under 18, he has hidden his age from everyone, he is an adult, he wanted to win the competition. He accepts his mistake and tells them that he doesn’t deserve to be in the competition that’s meant for kids.

He withdraws from the final round and gives a fair chance to Kulfi to win the finals. He tells the judges that he had a disorder since his birth and that’s why none could figure out his age. He reveals that he had been practicing since the last twenty years, that’s why he sings so well. He tells them about his disease, that has stopped his growth, he appears like a kid and became a subject of joke for everyone. He wanted to succeed to make a name, but wants to do justice with Kulfi first. He tells them that he has changed his mind because of Kulfi’s innocence.

Kulfi and Sikandar get delighted. Mia gets a nice idea to use this controversy of Akash’s cheat. She wants Amyra and Kulfi to compete in the finals. Kulfi thanks Akash. Akash doesn’t want to snatch this big chance from Kulfi. He asks her to win. Amyra gets upset seeing Kulfi back in the competition. She gets more upset seeing Sikandar getting happy for his other daughter. Kulfi and her friends make their way into the finals happily. Mia announces the final round, where Amyra and Kulfi will be performing on their own choices of song and style, but without the help of their music teachers. She wants to keep the round details as a surprise.

Amyra promises to defeat Kulfi. She wants Kulfi away from Sikandar. Mia bets on Amyra and Kulfi. She feels Akash has given them a big opportunity. She thinks she has hit the TRP jackpot. Amyra gets insecure seeing confident Kulfi and her friends. She makes a plan to break them apart. Kulfi asks her friends not to get scared of anything. Amyra finds the weak link in Kulfi’s gang.


  1. What a girl this Amerya. Never ever I can appreciate. If she is capable she should sing and win not like stealing the dong and placing kulfi in an Akward position. Kulfi God will need with you to win once when y win the title go out of their life and never ever see your papa


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