Kartik Naira Rishta Kehlata moment in tough times

Star Plus Ye Rishta Upcoming Action High Voltage Drama

Kartik Naira Rishta Kehlata moment. Dadi rebukes Naira’s idea of organizing the jewellery exhibition. Kartik, Manish and Suwarna support Naira. Everyone is excited for the exhibition. Dadi is worried and thinks if everything will get fine or not. Naira tells Kartik that things will get easy for them post the big sales in the exhibition. Naira makes a big blunder by writing the wrong dates in the email, where in she informs the models about the event. She rechecks and doesn’t notice the mistake. Manager checks the wrong date and then wonders if this is all right. Naira doesn’t catch her mistake and goes ahead with the preparations.

Manager thinks Naira had made a mistake and goes to ask her. He gets mistaken when he hears that the event is for two days. He thinks Naira can’t make the mistake, maybe he was wrong to think so. He tells the staff to arrange the event for the new date. Naira and Kartik have a moment. He takes care of her and makes her eat the food so that she stays fit and fine. He tells her that he will not let her get ill. He wishes that all her wishes get fulfilled.

Naira is pleased that he is so supportive. She wishes that the best designer Mihir Kapoor attends their event. She wants to plan a surprise by making Mihir’s arrival possible. He makes a call to Mihir to invite him personally. Naira learns about Kartik’s surprise and thanks him happily. She tells him that he has personally called Mihir to fulfill her wish. Kartik gets upset that Mihir had refused to come. He thinks Naira has done a lot for the family, but he couldn’t do anything. The guests flow in and like the vast collection of the exclusive jewellery.

Kartik and Naira are happy that the customers look interested in buying the costly jewellery. Manish and Dadi are delighted that the buyers are giving them big orders. Kartik compliments Naira for her efforts. Dadi tells Manish that she didn’t know that the event will be so successful. Everything goes on smooth. Kartik tells Naira that it seems like a dream come true, since she has managed everything so well. Naira wants the same to go on. She then learns about her mistake and realizes that the models aren’t turning up for the event. She gets worried to tell Kartik about her mistake. She wants to find some solution to the problem. The family women come ahead to support Naira in her struggles so that they unitedly succeed.


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