Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala Rocking shockers filled with surprise

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala Rocking shockers filled with surprise

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala Rocking shockers. Kulfi and her friends want to know why did Chitu betray them. Chitu tells them that he was much helpless because of his father’s illness. He has taken help from Amyra when she told him that she can get a specialist for his father. She instead asks him to help her by stealing Kulfi’s song. He reveals to the song to be sung in the finale so that he can save his father from the deadly illness. Amyra has dealt with him and he chose to save his father’s life. He apologizes to Kulfi and tells her that he also treasures his father. Kulfi forgives him and tells him that nothing is important to a child than a father, which she understands well. They apologize to Chitu and support him.

Kulfi and her friends are called on the stage for their performance, but they don’t turn up. Mia wants to know where are the kids. She instructs her staff to find Kulfi. She doesn’t want the grand finale to get ruined by Kulfi’s absence. Sikandar panics and tries to search for Kulfi. Sikandar, Lovely and Mia together look for Kulfi and the kids. Amma ji tells them that the kids have run away because of fear of the punishment. Sikandar shouts on her and asks her not to be after those innocent little kids. He takes the responsibility to secure them.

Kulfi’s disappearance makes him worried. He wants to get Kulfi back on time so that she doesn’t miss the chance to sing. He knows that Kulfi has the talents to win the competition. Mia and Sikandar buy some time by planning a surprise from the judges and the audience. Sikandar comes on the stage for delivering a good performance. He wishes that Kulfi comes back before his song ends. He knows that music is her life and she shouldn’t run away. He sings to influence Kulfi for coming back. Sikandar awaits Kulfi and hopes her return. He misses Kulfi. He calls her out, hoping his voice reaches her heart.

Sikandar gets much applauded for his beautiful performance. Kulfi and her friends are called once again. The audience wants the performance from Benaam Group. Kulfi and her friends finally make it back to the stage, which shocks Amyra. Sikandar and Mia get a relief on finding them back. Kulfi doesn’t want to end the hopes of her friends. She asks them not to lose, even if Amyra has stolen their song, she hasn’t stolen her talents. She tells them that there is always a hope in tough times, they should always stick to their hopes and courage, since they still have their talents secured inside their minds and hearts.

She tells them that she can sing again and she doesn’t care if Amyra steals the song. She wants to sing their story and touch the judges’ heart. She tells them that they will make a sincere attempt today. The kids support Kulfi and want to sing from their hearts and redefine music. Kulfi doesn’t take any time to make any new song and gets making the lyrics spontaneously like always. She sings her pain, sorrow and feelings from her heart. Kulfi amazes everyone by her immense talents and golden voice. Amyra can’t believe that Kulfi has prepared a better song in no time and finds Kulfi close to victory. Kulfi defines her sobbing story by mending it well in an emotional song.

The judges and audience have the same opinion over Kulfi’s song. Even Pandit ji gets emotional relating to the story presented in Kulfi’s song. Kulfi is ready to bear any punishment in life, since she believes in unconditional love, which she never received in life. She wishes that she gets the real love and care. Mia and the judges find Kulfi really talented, since her song has touched everyone’s heart in an effortless way. Judges give the due honor to Kulfi. Pandit ji takes his criticism back and praises Kulfi for singing the song with a deep meaning. He declares Kulfi as the winner. Amyra gets jealous and angered seeing Kulfi winning all the praise. Kulfi’s song filled with all the emotions turns everyone emotional.


  1. Excellent.long live kulfi and her friends. Very very happy to see her with lovely voice and new song


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