Star Yeh Rishta Kulfi Prime Hits and more twists

Star Yeh Rishta Kulfi Prime Hits and more twists

Star Yeh Rishta Kulfi Prime Hits. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Mihir gives a good review for Naira’s souk. This gets a big contract for Goenkas. Manish and Kartik are happy that Naira’s work got much applauded. Dadi is insecure and tells Manish how Kartik is upset for his project cancellation. Manish doesn’t want to be emotional while taking business decisions. He tells Dadi that he will approve Kartik’s project if the proposal is really profitable. He tells her that he isn’t biased towards Naira, he is thinking the best for Goenka group.

Mihir and Naira head on for the new project, where they have to make unique designs for a grand wedding. He asks her to make some good designs. Kartik and Naira will be having a competition while they work for the rival clients. How long will Kartik support Naira? Will Dadi’s fears for Kaira’s relation turn true? Keep reading.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely tells Sikandar that she will reform once Amyra gets saved. He feels she can never change from heart, since she always cheats and harms people. He tells her that he will never forgive her. He finds Kulfi giving her consent for the operation. He asks her not to go for it. Kulfi and Sikandar have an emotional moment of tear shed. He doesn’t permit Kulfi to go for the transplant. Doctor tells him that Amyra will die if the transplant doesn’t happen right away. He assures that nothing will happen to Kulfi.

Sikandar wants to find some other donor for Amyra, to save Kulfi from the pain. Kulfi consoles him in the tough moment and tells him that she is his brave child, who won’t give up in front of the big problems. Kulfi donates the bone marrow to save Amyra’s life. Sikandar shockingly falls in big trouble, leading to his deadly accident.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:
Mishti feels Kunal has sent the bouquet and note for her. She calls up Abir and tells him about the gift from Kunal. Abir has sent the cute poetry with the bouquet for Mishti. Mishti tells him that she knows that Kunal has written the poetry for her, but it sounded strange to her. Abir praises his poetry. Mishti thinks if Abir has sent the bouquet. Meenakshi gets the certificates to know Mishti’s background. She wants to stop Mishti and Kunal’s marriage by using Mishti’s past since she is abandoned by her parents, and adopted by Maheshwari family.


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