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Star Plus Spoiler Surprises Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke: Abir meets Meenakshi at the temple. He asks her to help him in finding his dad. She refuses to him and asks him if her love has fallen short that he is wanting his dad. He tells her that even Kunal will find his dad one day. They have an emotional confrontation. Meenakshi cries and feels failing as their parent. She wishes that Abir forgets his dad and starts a new life with just her family. Abir wants to find his dad at any cost.

Mishti meets Kunal at the garden and hopes that he will support her in her dreams to make her career. She wants to become independent. Mishti’s thinking doesn’t match with Kunal. Kunal is upset with her and tells her that he is capable to take care of his responsibility. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to do any job. She tells him that she is keen to work.

Kunal decides from her side and tells her that he will refuse for the job in his company. Mishti doesn’t like his thinking. Kunal tells Mishti about his dad. Mishti also wants to tell him about Naman. Kunal gets busy again. Abir calls Kunal and informs him about Meenakshi, who has called Maheshwari family at home. He asks Kunal to rush to home and find out what’s happening.

Meenakshi learns that Mishti isn’t part of Maheshwari family, she is Naman’s daughter. She meets Maheshwaris and tries to know the details of Mishti’s parents so that she can get the kundlis match. She persuades Rajshri to speak the truth herself. She uses this fact to end the alliance. Rajshri tells Meenakshi that Mishti is not their daughter, they have adopted her. Meenakshi reacts in anger and asks them how can they hide that Mishti isn’t their family member. Vishwamber tells her the entire truth of Mishti’s parents. Meenakshi is upset with them. She tells them that they are also cheaters like Parekh family.

Abir reaches them at the right time and fixes things. He tells Meenakshi that he knows about Naman, he has met Naman and wanted to protect her. Kunal tells them that Mishti didn’t tell anything to him. Meenakshi asks Abir if Mishti has told her everything. Abir tells them that Mishti shared this before itself. He defends Mishti and Maheshwari family. He tells Meenakshi that Naman has tried to hurt Mishti, that’s why Maheshwaris are against him. He clears the matter and wants Meenakshi to keep the alliance at least for Kunal’s alliance. Meenakshi fails to break the alliance again.

She wants to know what more is Maheshwari family hiding from her. Mishti apologizes for not telling the truth to Meenakshi. Vishwamber and Rajshri also come up with an apology. Mishti and Kuhu try to handle things. Kunal and Mishti’s kundlis get matched. Meenakshi wants to find some way by which she can break this alliance. Meenakshi learns that Rajshri was hiding some secret. She asks the manager to give the job to Mishti. Kunal doesn’t let Mishti work with him. Kuhu gets selected for the job. Kuhu will be working with Kunal. Mishti reaches Abir’s NGO for the job. Destiny brings Abir and Mishti together again.

Krishna Chali London: Krishna and the entire Shukla family arrive at the hospital to know the DNA tests results. Shuklain prays that the results come positive and her son returns to her. Krishna is sure that the reports won’t come true. She tells Shukla that she is very confident of her thinking. She gets the DNA test reports. Shukla asks her about the reports. He tells her that he is very much wiling to know if the guy is his son Radhe. Lali and Bela join Shuklain in the puja. Krishna gets surprised seeing the positive results.

She confirms that the guy is really Radhe. She is shocked and doesn’t know how did this happen. Shukla celebrates that his Radhe is back. Sunaina is also happy knowing this news and takes the lawyer to the jail. She meets Veer. She gets Veer released. She takes Veer home and welcomes him.

Veer knows that the guy is an imposter, he can’t be Radhe. He also believes that a dead man can’t come back to life. He worries that someone is cheating Krishna. Sunaina scolds him for not thinking of his own family. She asks him to limit his thinking and not think of Krishna. He tells her that she didn’t let him check Radhe after the accident, he doesn’t want to repeat such a mistake again. He wants to support the truth. He goes to meet Krishna. He wants to tell her that he believes her, Radhe isn’t for real and its someone’s plan. Krishna wants to test Radhe again and gets a psychiatrist to evaluate his truth. She still can’t believe the wrong DNA results. She knows Radhe is dead and no other person can have the same DNA.

She recalls Radhe and his good memories. She gets bad vibes from the guy posing as Radhe. Veer meets Krishna and tries to explain her that he loves her a lot. He tells her that he will expose fake Radhe, he believes her that she will do the right thing. He is ready to get back to jail to serve his punishment, after exposing fake Radhe. Veer and Krishna join hands to expose Radhe’s truth.


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