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Aapke Aa Jane Silsila Krishna Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Premlatha tells Rivaaj that if Raghav gets fine then they will lose all property. Rivaaj says he will not let his life’s mathematics ruined, and says he ordered poisonous chemical for him. Rivaaj tries to burn the poisonous agarbatti in Raghav’s room, but Rani/Janki stops him. Rani talks to Raghav and asks him to be fine soon. She hugs him and kisses on his cheeks. Premlatha comes to Raghav’s room and lights the agarbatti. Rani comes to room and takes agarbatti in her hand.

Rani as Janki exposes Rivaaj and Premlatha and tells Dadi that they burnt agarbatti in Raghav’s room and made him difficult to breathe. Dadi threatens to kill Premlatha and punishes her. Rivaaj makes to make Janki throw out of the house. Rani determines to take revenge from them. Dadi asks Rani to go and says she will not bear any mistake in Raghav’s matter. Just then Raghav holds her hand and opens his eyes in a coma state.

Shakti: Archana gets a soft side for Harman and decides to separate Harman and Soumya, and get him. She makes efforts to be closer to him. Ankush and Sindhu get engaged. Ankush tells that if two people in love could marry then it is their destiny and says the love like Harman and Soumya’s do with each other, maybe someone else does in this world. They shower them with flower petals. Sindhu thanks Harman and Soumya. Harman showers flower on Soumya and tells that yesterday he saw the girl and decided to marry her. He makes her wear the ring in her finger. Soumya is very happy.


Preeto’s friend tells her that the matter is not related to the house only and tells that Sindhu’s life will be affected by Soumya’s presence. She asks Preeto to keep Soumya at home only and don’t bring her for functions. Preeto looks at Harman and Soumya, and come in the ladies talk. Ankush’s parents demand more money. Preeto blames Soumya for the happenings and says her kinnar truth is a curse for them.

Mishti breaks her engagement with Veer. Radhika and Veer’s mum are upset with Mishti. Mishti gets scolded by Veer’s mum. Radhika feels embarrassed. She apologizes to Veer’s mum. She wants to know what is Mishti’s problem. Ruhaan stops Radhika and explains Mishti’s point of view. Radhika is upset as she didn’t expect this from Mishti. She doesn’t know that Mishti has ended the relation with Veer since she is in love with Ruhaan. Pari plans to confess love to Ruhaan. Mishti confesses her feelings to Ruhaan and tells her how she has decided to end her relation with Veer to do justice with him. She doesn’t want Veer to get cheated. Ruhaan doesn’t think she has done something wrong. Ruhaan and Mishti have a union.

Maai hates Dhanak. She dumps Dhanak inside the water tank. Raghu saves Dhanak in the right time. He scolds Maai and tells her how much sacrifices Dhanak has made for them. Maai wants to stop Dhanak from becoming an IPS officer. Raghu chooses Dhanak over Maai. He threatens of ending his relations with Maai if she doesn’t mend her ways.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna brings a doctor to Shukla house to introduce Radhe and get him treated. She wants the truth to come out. She isn’t convinced that he is her real Radhe. Shukla family celebrates Radhe’s family with a grand party. They are very happy that Radhe is finally back to them. Krishna asks the doctor to observe Radhe and try to find any clue stating his drama. Veer meets Krishna at Shukla house and learns about Radhe’s return. He doesn’t feel its real Radhe and offers support to Krishna to expose the imposter.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:
Rocky gets freed from the jail and is proved innocent. He comes back home and gets the family’s love overloaded. He is very happy to get pampered so much. He apologizes to Smiley. Even Smiley feels guilty to blame him and apologizes to him for the suffering he has gone through. Rocky forgives Smiley. He enjoys the dinner with the family after many years. Happy gets emotional.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika gets kidnapped and tortured by her ex-husband. He tells her that she has broken their marriage and now she will be punished. He wants to burn her alive and punish her. He tells her that she has insulted him by ending their ties, and now she doesn’t deserve to marry anyone else. He ignites the fire and leaves her to die. Sahil reaches there on time and finds her in huge danger. He rushes to save Vedika. Sahil enters the fire and saves Vedika as her hero. Vedika didn’t expect Sahil to come to her rescue. She gets thankful to him for giving her a new life. Sahil gets caring for his wife and tells her that keeping her safe and happy is his big responsibility now.


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