Kulfi Nimrat team up against Lovely in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Kulfi Nimrat team up against Lovely in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Kulfi Nimrat team up against Lovely. Sikandar gets a dream and sees Kulfi. She tells him that she doesn’t want to go to boarding. She tries and shares his pain with him. Sikandar hugs her. They both share an emotional moment. They don’t want to part ways. Kulfi knows that Lovely doesn’t want her in the family. Nimrat hears Kulfi crying and self talking about the problems. Kulfi thinks she will miss the entire family. She writes a letter for Sikandar. She decides to go away from Sikandar’s world for the sake of Lovely and Amyra. She is stuck by her promise to Amyra, since she can’t tell the truth to Sikandar. She feels no one will tell the truth to Sikandar and now she has no option than to go to boarding school.

Nimrat watches her and feels bad for her. She tells Sikandar that she will go to boarding school. She has accepted that if she goes away, it will be better for everyone. She tries to relieve Sikandar. She cries her pain. Nimrat’s spirit hears her. Kulfi wants to keep her smile by hiding her tears. Nimrat sees her tears. She knows Kulfi will hide her tears from everyone, but not hide from her mum. Nimrat’s spirit will be supporting Kulfi and ruining Lovely’s plans.

Kulfi knows Sikandar is suffering much and wants to lessen his troubles by getting away. Sikandar has to send Kulfi away so that he can make Amyra recover. Sikandar feels helpless by the situation. He can’t live without Kulfi. Nimrat has returned from heaven just with one purpose, that’s to break the big truth to Sikandar and seek justice for their daughter Kulfi. She is sure that once Sikandar knows Kulfi’s identity, he will never send her away. She wants to fail Lovely’s plans. Lovely has put Amyra’s life in danger just for getting Sikandar on their side. Nimrat will team up with Kulfi against Lovely. To what extent will both the mothers go for their daughters’ rights? Keep reading.



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