Yeh Rishta Unexpected letdown for Kartik

Yeh Rishta Unexpected letdown for Kartik

Yeh Rishta Unexpected letdown. Naira makes some designs while she helps Lav and Kush in their project. She realizes that she was enjoying her work and now she has lost the chance. She gets sad and trashes the designs. Kartik gets the designs and knows what she wants. He understands her heart and thinks to do something. He sends Lav and Kush out so that he can talk to Naira. He apologizes to her. He feels bad that he has scolded Mihir a lot and snatched her big dreams. He doesn’t want Naira to suffer. She tells him that she is happy even now. He knows she isn’t happy. He tells her that he is feeling guilty and wants to help her. He thinks to call up Mihir. He asks her to design jewellery for Goenkas group again.

He tells her that she should better work from their side if she can’t join Mihir again. She agrees to Kartik and takes his advices regarding the jewellery designs. Devyaani tells Kirti that she wants to get her relative home for supporting her education. Kirti agrees to her, since it will be better for them too. She wants the elders to be occupied. Mihir calls Naira and reminds her about the designs she left. She asks him to trash the designs. He asks her to join the work again.

He tells her that Kartik has apologized to her and now he is ready to give her another chance. He asks her to come back to work and make fresh unique designs fast, so that they can meet the clients the next day. Kartik asks Naira to take up the job. Naira gets emotional and thanks Kartik. He apologizes to her for hurting her heart. Kartik cheers up Naira and asks her to get to work fast. Devyaani’s relative gets greedy seeing the lavish house. Kirti helps the girl in settling down. Devyaani tells Kirti that they should be careful while handling the girl, who will take time in adjusting here.

Naira changes all her designs by recalling Kartik’s advice. Dadi tells Suwarna that Naira should have not joined the job again. Suwarna tells her that its Kartik’s decision as well, Mihir has called back Naira for the work and this time they shouldn’t create hurdles for Naira. She asks Dadi to support Naira. Dadi is much upset and prays for Kaira relation. Kartik meets the clients and impresses them with the designs. Naira fails to impress the clients. Her designs look plain and common. The clients gte criticizing her designs. Mihir asks Naira why did she change her decisions in the last moment. He asks her to do her work well.

He presents her unique designs which she had left in the office. The clients like her designs and approve it. Kartik feels sorry that she got scolded because of his advice. Gayu tries to know what’s bothering Dadi. Dadi tells her that she may talk bitter, but she wants betterment of the family. She asks Gayu not to join any job like Naira. She wants Gayu to manage her marriage. Kartik apologizes to Naira for his wrong advice. Naira doesn’t think he has been wrong. She doesn’t want him to blame himself all the time.

Kartik overhears Mihir and his clients’ conversation. He feels insulted after his designs are mocked. The clients ask Mihir to make Naira design all the jewellery. They joke on Kartik and Naira’s talent difference. Mihir accepts the offer and is happy to get the order from both the families. Kartik feels lost to Naira. He doesn’t want to face humiliation. He is happy for Naira’s success. He feels heartbroken and loses faith in his own talents.


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