Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Violent behavior shocks Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Violent behavior shocks Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Violent act to shock one and all. Kulfi gets a strange dream that Sikandar is lost and he is urging her to find him. She tells him that he will find her at any cost, since they are connected by heart, blood and soul. She pledges to him that she will always find him, by crossing all the odds. She wonders what was the dream signifying and why is she feeling so insecure. She isn’t jealous that Sikandar is loving just Amyra. She doesn’t know the reason for his strange behavior. She thinks if he is acting different because of the post trauma stress disorder. She goes to talk to him. She doesn’t wake him up and wishes that he comes out.

Sikandar goes out for some alone time and avoids Kulfi. She wants to tie up his hopes and courage together. She wishes he stays away from sorrow. She finds him drinking alcohol and reminds him his promise that he will never ever drink again. She snatches the alcohol bottle from him. He gets threatening her and asks her to be tight lipped, if she wants to get saved from all the mess. Kulfi doesn’t know what’s happening, since Sikandar doesn’t seem as the one she knows. She makes a sketch of the place she has seen in her dream to find Sikandar.

She wants to know what was happening in her dream, as if it was a signal of something important. She tells Amyra about her suspicion that Sikandar isn’t their dad, its not Sikandar and someone else in his place. Amyra doesn’t listen to her and thinks Kulfi is spreading rumors being jealous. Kulfi prays to get some way out. She wishes to get help. She gets some guidance. Amyra tells Lovely that she doesn’t want to go out with Sikandar and Kulfi, since she hates Kulfi. Lovely tells her that Sikandar just wants to go with her. Amyra gets happy. Lovely finds Sikandar’s behavior getting more strange. She learns about Sikandar shopping by her card.

Sikandar tells Amyra that he can do anything for her. Kulfi cries seeing them and longs for her doting father, who could even die for her sake. Sikandar returns the card to Lovely and tells her that Amyra remembered the pin, so he took her help. He tries to convince Lovely. Mohendar asks Sikandar to give some time to Kulfi as well. Sikandar tells him that he won’t buy anything for Kulfi, since she isn’t related to him. This gets shocking for Mohendar and Kulfi. Sikandar just devotes his time to Amyra. Kulfi wants to know the reason of big change in him.

Lovely hands over Sikandar’s wallet loaded with cash and cards. He gets delighted and jumps over the opportunity. He asks Lovely about the Pin since he has forgotten everything. Lovely tells him that she will solve his little problem and made him access the cards with ease. Amyra enjoys the time spent with Sikandar. She just wants him to be away from Kulfi. Kulfi doesn’t know if Sikandar in front of her is an imposter.

She shows her dreamy place sketched on the paper to him. He recalls the same place where he had met with an accident. He reacts angrily and gets hurting Kulfi. He turns violent and shocks the entire family. He tells her that he was nearly dying at that place. He doesn’t want to spare Kulfi. Kulfi tells him that she didn’t wish to revive his trauma. Sikandar angrily yells at Kulfi and walks out of the house, leaving Kulfi in tears and others in shock.


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