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Star Plus Up Coming Tonight Krishna Chali London Veer tells Krishna that he will support her in finding out the truth of the imposter. Krishna works late and sleeps. Radhe meets her at the house. His sudden presence scares her. She asks him with whom did he come at this hour of night. He tells her that he wants to be with her. Shuklain worries on not finding Radhe home and tells everyone that even Radhe’s clothes aren’t there. She tells Gajanan that Radhe took his stuff with him. She wants him to find Radhe. Krishna wants her answers. Radhe tells her that he has come alone to be with her, since he can’t live without her in Shukla house. Krishna and Bua drop Radhe back to Shukla house.

Shuklain gets relieved on seeing him back. She doesn’t want him to go anywhere else. Radhe tells her that he won’t live with them if Krishna goes. Shuklain begs Krishna to live with them for Radhe’s sake. Krishna agrees to stay as Radhe’s doctor so that she monitors his health and behavior. She gets amazed when Radhe talks like before again. His words remind Krishna of her husband, innocent Radhe Lal. Krishna takes Radhe to the psychiatrist. She is sure that his truth will soon come out. Veer meets Krishna and tells her that he wanted to see her. They have cute moment of romance.

Shuklain sees Veer and wants to protect her son. Veer tells Krishna that he will soon expose Radhe, since he has started working his plan. He hires a detective to know about Radhe. He is sure that someone would be really finding his real identity and this way he can prove that someone has planted fake Radhe in their lives. Veer gets a solid clue against fake Radhe.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke: Mishti doesn’t know about Naman’s cheap crimes, but she hates him knowing he has abandoned her. She wants to share about Naman with Kunal. Meenakshi is much upset that Abir wants to find his dad. She tells her dad that Abir wants her help in finding his dad and unite the family. She feels Abir is wrong to have such a wish since his dad has left them on his own. Nanu wants to explain Abir that it was not Meenakshi’s fault. Mishti goes to meet Kunal, while he reaches her home for a meet. He takes a necklace for Mishti, knowing she has refused for the job.

Kunal surprisingly meets Kuhu. She tells him that Mishti has gone to find a new job. This makes him upset. He feels Mishti didn’t agree to him. Kuhu boasts of her talents. She tells Kunal that she got a good job.

Kunal learns that she has got the job in his company. He tells her that its his company, which shocks Kuhu. Abir doesn’t want Mishti to work with her because of Vishwamber. He hides his real feelings, but can’t help being friendly to Mishti.

Mishti meets Meenakshi, who asks her to become independent and do some job. She tells Mishti that she will explain Kunal. She asks Mishti to join the job at Abir’s NGO. Mishti is happy that Meenakshi has given the permission. She happily goes to Abir’s NGO and meets him to take up the job. Meenakshi is doing this just to make Mishti and Kunal away. She wants to end the alliance. Mishti’s surprise gives happiness to Abir. She tells him that she has thought well, she will work with him.

Kuhu starts her work with Kunal. Mishti works with Abir. Four of them are happy and set in their different worlds. Jugnu gets some pictures from Abir’s room. Abir worries when he sees Mishti’s picture. He hides the picture from Mishti. She gets suspicious about Abir hiding something. Kuhu makes a mistake in her work and fears Kunal’s reaction. Meenakshi collects data about Naman’s past.


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