Silsila Episode today Romance chance for Ruhaan Mishti

Silsila Episode today Romance chance for Ruhaan Mishti

Silsila Episode today Romance. Ruhaan and Mishti have a romantic moment. He asks her if she has told Pari about their love bonding. Mishti tells him that she didn’t tell anything to Pari, even he shouldn’t tell Pari until Veer accepts the breakup and situational tensions. She wants Veer to know about Ruhaan and her relation first and accept it. She tells Ruhaan that they shouldn’t tell anyone and carry on the hide and seek romance, so that the family doesn’t get upset with them. Sukamini defends Mishti’s move and tells Radhika that Mishti is sensible to take this decision before marriage.

She asks Radhika to think that Mishti isn’t at any fault. She tells Radhika that Mishti is right that she didn’t take this step after marriage, else that would have been more complicated. She asks Radhika not to think and care for the society. Radhika tells Sukamini that she wants Mishti’s happiness first, she doesn’t care for the society. Radhika gets convinced. Pari too pampers Radhika and takes her for dinner. She tells how Ruhaan has helped them in preparing food. Sukamini calls Mishti for dinner. Ruhaan makes Mishti hide and go to her room via the balcony way.

Sukamini meets Mishti and tells her that she is supportive of her decision. She hugs Mishti. She asks Mishti to stay happy and not think of anything. The family dines together. Radhika tells Mishti that she will also be with her in her decisions, which pleases the latter. Pari rushes for her work. She gets late and doesn’t call home. Radhika worries for Pari and asks Mishti to call Pari and know about her. Mishti asks Radhika to trust Pari, she is responsible.

Pari calls Radhika and tells her that she has much work and will come home in the morning. Mishti thinks she can go and meet Ruhaan, since Pari isn’t at home. She meets Ruhaan and doesn’t miss any chance to romance. Mishti and Ruhaan spend good time. Ruhaan gets a pretty gift for Mishti. He wants Mishti to confess love to him.


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