Silsila Unexpected Guilt strikes Mishti and Ruhaan

Silsila Unexpected Guilt strikes Mishti and Ruhaan

Silsila Unexpected Guilt strikes. Ruhaan tells Mishti and Pari that he can help them in cooking, since he has learnt cooking for survival. Mishti is happy to know that he is a good chef. He asks them to help him as well. They go to kitchen to cook food. Sukamini learns that Mishti has broken up her marriage with Veer. She gets a huge shock and realizes that Mishti was close to do this before itself because of her big dilemma. She gets worried for Mishti and wants to know the reason for her big move. She goes to meet Radhika and know the trouble. Ansh tells Taani that Mishti is very responsible, she can never be wrong and maybe Veer has done some mistake that Mishti ended their relationship this way. He feels Mishti loves Veer and made this sacrifice for some valid reason.

Ruhaan and Mishti get romantic and steal some glances while Pari is with them in the kitchen. Ruhaan gets a good chance to tease Mishti. He takes her away from Pari’s sight. Mishti was missing this romance in her life. Sukamini meets Pari and tells her that she got to know about Mishti. She tries to explain Radhika that Mishti was already in this dilemma. Ruhaan and Mishti cover up their romance gesture in odd ways and get observed by Pari.

Pari gets into laughter by the happy fun moments in the kitchen. Ruhaan gets tossed up with tomato puree. Mishti likes spending time with cool Ruhaan. She likes the way he handles things. Pari doesn’t know that Mishti and Ruhaan are in love. She is happy that Ruhaan took a stand for Mishti and their relation got friendly. She wants Mishti and Ruhaan to bond as friends and not fight again. Mishti thanks Pari for supporting her too. Pari tells Mishti that she does commits to get scolded by her. The sisters have a happy moment after much tensions.

Radhika doesn’t think that Mishti is right this time. She finds Veer a nice guy and asks Sukamini how can Mishti leave Veer this way. Sukamini reminds her about Mauli, who was also perfect, even then Kunal left Mauli for Nandini. She tells Radhika that maybe Mishti and Veer’s relation lacks love. Mishti gets peace and happiness with Ruhaan. She hidingly meets him again and shares a moment. Mishti and Ruhaan get affected by guilt over cheating Veer.


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