Silsila Today Twists in Mishti and Pari’s lives

Silsila Today Twists in Mishti and Pari's lives

Silsila Today Twists Pari is happy to see Mishti understanding Ruhaan so well. She tells Mishti that she didn’t know about Veer’s friends, like she knows Ruhaan’s friends. Mishti realizes that Ruhaan has told her the truth about his life, and that’s love. She feels she doesn’t know Veer as good as she knows Ruhaan. She wants to tell Pari that she is in love with Ruhaan. She doesn’t want Pari to know this from someone else. She gets hesitant to tell this to Pari. Mishti gets disturbed when Ruhaan comes there to talk to them. Veer tries his best to stay busy in the work so that Mishti’s thoughts doesn’t disturb him. Ruhaan wants to know what is Mishti up to. Ruhaan congratulates Pari for getting the best model award. He shares his happiness over their success.

He tells her that they will celebrate and party hard. Pari is happy to win Ruhaan’s affection. She thinks its time to tell him about her feelings. Mishti congratulates them and is happy for them. Mishti tells Ruhaan that she is his lucky charm. Pari asks Ruhaan to drop her to work. She wants to tell him how much she loves him and since when she has been wanting to express it. Veer apologizes to Arnav for his rudeness. Arnav forgives him knowing his sorrowful state. They plan to hangout together. Veer gets talking about Mishti once again and then realizes that Mishti isn’t part of his life now. Veer wants to learn to live without her.

Mishti wants to tell Pari about her new found love soon. Radhika blesses Mishti and asks her to be strong. She wants Mishti to come to her if she needs any moral support. Mishti is happy to have Radhika’s support. She is sure that her family will always stand by her. Pari gets confused over confessing love. Pari tells Ruhaan that they will get Mishti in the celebrations too. He also wants Ruhaan with her. Mishti tells Radhika that she has realized that she didn’t love Veer. She explains that she can’t keep her marriage with Veer when there is no love in her heart. Radhika understands her decision taken for everyone’s betterment.

Pari gets smitten by Ruhaan’s charm. He plans a day out with Pari. She gets overjoyed that he is dedicating a day to her. Ruhaan plans to have Mishti along. Ruhaan goes to meet Veer at his office. He meets Arnav and learns about his job at Veer’s office. He congratulates Arnav and learns about Veer. He wants to meet Veer and clear out the misunderstanding. He doesn’t want to delay things more, which can worsen things. Mishti wants to support Ruhaan and break their relationship truth to Veer.


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