Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Nandini entry Shocking Revelation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Nandini entry Shocking Revelation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Nandini entry next. Bhola finds Pakhi annoyed with him. He sings and dances to convince Pakhi. Pakhi and Bhola have a strong bond. Nandini watches them. She realizes how she has saved Sikandar from death by finding him post his accident. Nandini treated him in the hospital and prayers for his recovery. She was sure that Sikandar will fight back because of someone’s prayers, protecting him from death. Sikandar had list his memory and became an innocent child mentally because of his head injury. Nandini doesn’t want Sikandar to lose his memories. She wants to help him recognize him. She wishes he gets normal soon.

Sikandar gets regressed to his childhood, but still remembers his connection with Kulfi. Nandini had no option than to get Sikandar home with her, where he met Pakhi, Nandini’s daughter. Nandini is sure that Sikandar will never hurt Pakhi. She doesn’t know him well, but she knows that he is good hearted because of his behavior. She doesn’t know his name. She wants to help him genuinely. She finds him innocent and names him Bhola. Pakhi gets mistaken that Bhola is her dad. She gets caring and loving towards him. Sikandar has few memories of Kulfi. He tells Pakhi that he is her dad. He accepts this relation with Pakhi by all his happiness.

Nandini realizes that Pakhi is landing in a big misunderstanding, she is filling space of an incomplete relation in her life. She feels guilty to lie to Pakhi. She promises Pakhi that her dad will never leave her now. Pakhi goes to spread the good news and informs her friends that her dad has finally arrived. Pakhi introduces Sikandar as her father. Nandini is happy seeing their budding relation. At the same time, she knows the fact that one day Sikandar will know the truth and then leave from Pakhi’s life.

She wishes for Pakhi’s happiness. She doesn’t want Sikandar to leave. She doesn’t want to cheat Pakhi. She falls weak in front of Pakhi and lies to her about her father. She feels if Bhola has come in their lives, its for some reason. She thinks Bhola and Pakhi’s relation completes their family. She doesn’t think of finding Bhola’s family. She instead decides to make Sikandar her family for Pakhi’s sake. Kulfi is sure that Bhola has some connection with Sikandar. Kulfi prays to get another sign from Goddess. She wishes that she gets more help to meet her dad. Kulfi feels that maybe Bhola is Sikandar, since her heart is repeatedly signing to this truth. Will Kulfi be able to find Sikandar? Keep reading.



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