Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Dramatic exposure of fake Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Dramatic exposure of fake Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Dramatic exposure. Kulfi is sure that her father can’t be so hurtful. She sheds tears and asks Nimrat to guide her in finding her father. She knows the person living with them isn’t Sikandar. On the other hand, Bhola dreams about his fairy Kulfi. He gets happiness in the form of the dream and then longs for Kulfi. He tells Pakhi about the fairy calling him. Pakhi asks him to take her along to the fairy and not go anywhere alone. Kulfi doesn’t know where is Sikandar. She wants to find him out. Mohendar finds Kulfi crying and asks her the problem. She tells him that she is missing her father’s love.

Mohendar feels sorry that even Sikandar’s music can’t console Kulfi now. He asks her to drop her wish to sing along Sikandar, who has lost his voice. He asks her to see Sikandar’s old songs videos and get relief. She gets happiness remembering the old days. She misses him a lot. Mohendar tells her that they should be thankful that they didn’t lose Sikandar forever, they should give him some time to come out of trauma. She gets scared to meet Sikandar. She rushes and comes across Sikandar, who gets angered on her excuses. He asks her to practice once again. She tells him that her heart isn’t agreeing to sing and she can’t sing now.

He tells her that he has given his word to the music director and now she has to sing at any cost. He gets rude towards her. He yells at her like an animal and scares her. This gets shocking for Lovely and Amyra. They didn’t expect Sikandar to behave so inhumane. Sikandar angrily raises a hand on Mohendar, which terrifies his family. He asks Mohendar to stay out of his matters. He ruins the things in anger. He behaves like a strange living with them. Kulfi’s doubt on him gets certain. Kulfi’s hand bleeds by the glass pieces. Mohendar attends her. Kulfi gets in shock by Sikandar’s shocking indecency.


Mohendar gives her hopes that everything will get fine. Gunjan also feels that Sikandar isn’t like their Sikandar. Mohendar gets confused, while Lovely gets suspicious that Sikandar will never behave in such a bad manner with a kid, especially his own daughter Kulfi. Sikandar reveals his real identity of Chandan. He is actually the goon who pushed Sikandar down the bridge to kill him, so that he can get Sikandar’s identity and a lavish life. He feels lucky to get Sikandar’s face after the surgery.

Chandan wants to live in Sikandar’s house and also take advantage of his family. Lovely tells Kulfi that she has been with Sikandar during his treatment. Kulfi learns that Sikandar’s face was reconstructed by the doctors. Kulfi gets more sure that someone has replaced Sikandar in the family. Chandan wants to apologize to the family, especially Lovely to get her back in his confidence. Chandan comes up with a sobbing story of his trauma post the accident, which snatched everything from him. He doesn’t want to get caught by police for his crimes. He fools Lovely in his words.

Lovely gets fooled once again and thinks its just Sikandar’s frustration that’s making him behave weird with everyone. She wishes Sikandar turns neutral towards Kulfi, since his mad rage has scared Amyra’s heart as well. Kulfi concludes that the imposter isn’t Sikandar and determines to find her real father. Sikandar living as Bhola gets occupied with new relations in a new world. Will Kulfi reach Bhola’s world? Keep reading.


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