High Five Spoilers Pyaar Rishta Kasautii and more

Spoilers Pyaar Rishta Kasautii and more

Spoilers Pyaar Rishta Kasautii Aapke Aa Jane Se Sahil’s mum does a drama of ending her life. She asks Vedika to divorce Sahil. She threatens to kill herself. She compels Vedika to sign the divorce papers. She hates Vedika a lot. She can do anything to make Vedika away from her son. She tells Sahil that he has to leave Vedika for once and all. Vedika accepts her conditions to save her life. Sahil gets upset when his mum asks him to marry Avantika. She asks Sahil to fill sindoor in Avantika’s hairline, as per his dad’s last wish.

Sahil doesn’t listen and throws the sindoor which accidentally falls in Vedika’s hairline. Vedika accepts the blame of killing Sahil’s dad so that Sahil forgets her and moves on after their divorce. She lies to him and makes him hate her. Sahil angrily gets divorced. Vedika leaves from his life, which becomes a relief for his mum.

Pyaar Ke Papad: Shivika and Alankar are getting married. She doesn’t want to marry him, knowing he isn’t a nice man. Omkar exposes Alankar’s truth. Shivika refuses to marry Alankar. Omkar supports Shivika. Triloki gets Shivika and Omkar married to keep her wish. This makes Triloki end all ties with Shivika. He throws out Shivika from the house. Shivika hates Omkar for making her lose her precious relations. Omkar is sure to end her hatred and solve all their issues.


Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Ronit barges into Shivani’s house and harasses her. He tells her how Prerna got his sister arrested. He tortures Shivani. Just then, Anurag and Prerna come home and realize that Ronit is creating a havoc in the house. Anurag bashes up Ronit and throws him out of the house. Anurag and Prerna make their relations proper. Mohini and Nivedita realize that Prerna isn’t bad and change their behavior towards her. They have a good bonding. Komolika will be attempting to kill Prerna in order to fulfill his revenge. She ruins Anurag and Prerna’s romantic date, when Anurag proposes Prerna for marriage by confessing love to her. Komolika throws down Prerna down the terrace and makes her away from Anurag.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke: Kunal gets an idea to get Mishti’s eye surgery done so that she gets rid of the ugly glasses. Mishti is scared of the surgery. She doesn’t want to lose herself to become someone Kunal wants. She feels Kunal is changing her. She still agrees to Kunal’s wish. She gets compromising with the situation. Meenakshi gets the shagun for Mishti. Kunal wants Mishti to look beautiful without the glasses. Mishti tells Kunal that she is happy with her personality, she didn’t wish to change herself for anyone. She hides her sorrowful feelings.

Abir senses that Mishti isn’t happy with the surgery. Abir supports Mishti’s decision. Mishti surprises him by obeying Kunal, coming in the pressure formed by their alliance.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik apologizes to Naira when she sets everything fine for the family business. Kartik plans a surprise for her. They have a moment of romance. This turns out to be Naira’s dream. She wishes that her dream turns true. Kartik and Naira surprise everyone with an icecream treat. They enjoy the cool icecreams in the summer. Kartik and Mihir’s misunderstandings get solved. Mihir introduces his girlfriend Mitali to Goenkas. This clears Kartik’s mind.

Kartik is relieved. Naira learns that Dadi has hurt Gayu’s heart. She learns that Gayu has left the house and went to Singhania house in a sorrowful state. She asks Dadi why does she always talk to hurt others. She gets support from Suwarna, who suggests that they bring back Gayu home. Kartik falls in a dilemma once again when Mitali misleads him about Mihir and Naira.


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