Spoiler Ye Hai Mohabbatein Raman and Ishita to die

Spoiler Ye Hai Mohabbatein Raman and Ishita to die

Spoiler Ye Hai Mohabbatein Sahil has sworn to find his sister’s murderer at any cost. Though he doesn’t know who has killed Muskaan, he believes that one of the Bhalla family member has killed her for revenge. He thinks Muskaan was already troubling Bhallas, and that’s why they have dared to kill her. He wants the murderer to come out in the open so that he can confront and punish him. Sahil just had a single relation in his life, which he lost. He doesn’t think twice that Muskaan has paid for her misdeeds. Sahil gets angered on Raman for cheating him again. Raman plays safe this time and tricks Sahil by sending Karan to win. Raman asks Karan to win Sahil’s trust by befriending him. He makes Karan pretend sorrowful and fake hatred for Bhallas.

Karan regrets that he couldn’t save Rohan and wants revenge on Sahil. He joins Bhallas against the don Sahil. He lies to Sahil that he wants to settle scores with Raman and Ishita. When Karan speaks ill about Bhallas, Sahil gets much convinced by him and joins hands. He doesn’t think its harmful to keep Karan in the group, since he is free to kill Karan any time he knows about Karan’s deceive. Karan doesn’t know the huge trouble he got into. He takes the big risk just to help Raman and Ishita.

Sahil has destroyed the evidence which Bhallas had collected against him before. Karan gets a big task to fool Sahil and trap him in a way that Sahil admits all his crimes and lands in the jail. Raman and Ishita’s shocking discovery about Vishal being Muskaan’s murderer makes them more troubled. They want to save Vishal who had stabbed Muskaan in self defense. Vishal is scared that Sahil would kill him and his entire family on knowing the truth. Raman offers protection to Vishal and asks him to move to Bhalla house. Sahil gets suspicious of Vishal.

Raman covers up for Vishal and Naveen. Sahil wants to know what are Raman and Ishita hiding from him. He suspects their strange behavior and wonders if they killed Muskaan. Sahil will learn Raman’s clever plan to send Karan for spying on him. This will enrage him further. Sahil decides to kill Raman and Ishita to end the matter for once and all. Will Raman and Ishita die and have the end of their Mohabbatein? Or will they succeed to get Sahil arrested and punished for his crimes? Keep reading.


  1. Omg how many time will Raman & Ishita die, this Ekta kapoor has no better script or what? Why every time she saves the real culprit? Even with Param she did the same, even today thats not disclosed param & simmi has made Raman lose memory

  2. Why can’t Delta expose Sahil & send him to jail, why every time Ishita or Raman end up in jail. She is showing the world that bad people can get away.

  3. Yaa its so so bad…serial is not as its given name …it is …yeh hai mohobbatein ….makers are making it yeh hai nafrate…?….so please end this all show spoilers and lets bhalla family live happy and blessed..❤?!!!!!!!!!!


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