Weekend Spoilers Yeh Un Dinon Shaktii Sufiyana

Read Top 7 Spoilers This Weekend 6th July 2019

Yeh Un Dinon Shaktii Aapke Aa Jane Se: Tanuj kidnaps Vedika. Avantika is very happy that she is going to marry Sahil. Her dreams are finally getting fulfilled. Sahil doesn’t love Avantika. Tanuj makes Vedika suffer in her relations again. Vedika wanted to meet Sahil and tell him about Avantika’s crimes, as Manjula told her. Tanuj doesn’t let Vedika reach Sahil. He wants Sahil and Avantika’s marriage to happen soon. Avantika confesses love to Sahil. She tells Sahil that she is better than Vedika. Sahil asks her to accept the reality that he loves Vedika.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Kainat breaks all her limits when she plots the kidnapping of her beloved Miyajaan. This is least expected from Kainat, who is very much close to her grandfather. She has turned mad in her obsession to get Zaroon. Zaroon has made the video of Kainat, where she accepts that she doesn’t want to marry Hamza. Zaroon told her that he will be showing the video to Miyajaan. Kainat seeks help from her friend and pays him money to kidnap Miyajaan. She doesn’t want Zaroon to reach Miyajaan until she wants. She falls to another low level because of her madness for Zaroon. Kainat will get caught in this dirty planning. She doesn’t know that someone is following her and recording her plans. Saltanat and Zaroon will save Miyajaan from the kidnapper.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer and Rakesh are worried when Naina goes missing. Rakesh scolds Sameer for being so irresponsible. Everyone wants to find where is Naina. They ask neighbors about her. Everyone looks for Naina. Sameer wants to get Naina back at any cost. Sameer is worried and thinks if such problems comes his way, will he be able to succeed his aim for which he has come to the city of dreams, Mumbai.

Jhansi Ki Rani: Gangadhar and Manu address the villagers when she wins the case and celebrates her success. She gets all the honor by the villagers. Gangadhar is happy. Janki bai intentionally makes Manu commit the mistake, which ignites fire in the gifts brought by the villagers. She frames Manu in the act. She tells Gangadhar that Manu may wish to snatch his throne as well. He feels bad and gets silent when he hears the taunts. The villagers learn that Manu has burnt their gifts and scold her for disrespecting their love. Manu gets upset when she gets criticized by royal family and villagers. Manu’s big day gets spoiled.

Ghatbandhan: Raghu and Dhanak manage their relation well. They don’t get Tawde trouble them more. Dhanak is keeping her duties towards her job and family. Dhanak has saved Raghu from Tawde. She takes a stand for Raghu. She asks Tawde not to trouble innocent people, which is not a duty of a policeman. Raghu decorates the room to surprise Dhanak and thank her. Raghu hopes that Dhanak will confess his love. Dhanak apologizes to him. She romances Raghu and brings happy moments for them. She wants to confess love to Raghu. Their romance gets interrupted by Raghu’s friends, who get a shocking news for them. Tawde puts them in a tough situation again.

Shakti: Soumya becomes Gurumaa for the kinners’ community. She gets dressed in a kinner look and celebrates with her people. Soumya is much hurt because of Prerna, who has once again condemned her. Soumya returns to her community where she doesn’t get criticized. She gets all the honor by her people and is happy.


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